Cotton Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Cotton Spunlace nonwoven fabric was independently researched and developed by Winner Medical in 2005, which had been obtained a patented certificate in China, US, EU, Japan, Brazil, India and other countries around the world. Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric was known as the "Great innovation of the textile industry." 

PurCotton Values

  • Quality DNA
    Quality DNA

    30 years medical background

    High-quatity natural cotton source

  • 100% Cotton Concept
    100% Cotton Concept

    Safety,health, comfortable, eco-friendly natural fiber, etc.

  • Capacity

    Advanced cotton fabric equipment with high production capacity

  • lnnovation

    265 R&D employees,338 authorized patents. Devloped450+ finished products based on PurCotton material

Think Green, Think Tomorrow

Think Green, Think Tomorrow

PurCoton combines the superior characteristics of both high-quality natural cotton and advanced nonwoven technology, no chemical or additivestives, no chemical chlorine or fuorescence. Organic Cotton means use non-GMO cotton seeds and nourishment with organic fertilizer, be planted in the natural plantations that 200 kilometers without industrial pollution.

PurCotton Non Woven Applications

  • Hygiene
  • Wipes
  • Cosmetic

PurCotton Sustainability For Manufacturer Process

  • Chlorine free
    Chlorine free
  • No Toxic
    No Toxic
  • Water Retycling
    Water Retycling
  • Energy Efficient
    Energy Efficient

Cotton Keeps the Global Sustainability

Cotton Keeps the Global Sustainability
Cotton Keeps the Global Sustainability
  • 1
    Consumers buy more cotton products
  • 2
    More use of cotton
  • 3
    Higher income of cotton farmers
  • 4
    More land for cotton
  • 5
    More cotton products are replacing synthetic fiber
  • 6
    More consumers buy spunlace cotton products
  • 7
    More land and trees are being protected
  • 8
    The ecology of the earth will be restored
FAQs of Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

FAQs of Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

  • What Is Cotton Spunlace Non-woven Fabric?

    The spunlace nonwoven fabric is a revolutionary nonwoven fabric with 100% natural cotton as raw material. The production of spunlace cotton combines the superior characteristics of both natural cotton and advance nonwoven technology. Made with 100% cotton fabric grown in the USA, PurCotton's non woven cotton fabric is 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and sustainable. It also has the advantages of superior wet-strength, hypoallergenic, autoclavable, low bioburden, etc.

  • What Is Organic Cotton ?

    Organic cotton means use non-GMO cotton seeds and nourishment with organic fertilizer. All the raw material for our spunlace nonwoven fabric is planted in natural plantations that are 200 kilometers away from any industrial pollution. 

  • How Is Non Woven Fabric Made?

    Our hydroentangled cotton non-woven fabric is produced by the best quality of natural cotton and by our own patent. Our patent contains three production steps. 

    (1) The 1st step is the utmost advanced technology of cotton cleaning and carding method.

    (2) the 2nd step is the first world-class non-woven spunlace method.

    (3) the 3rd step is the latest most efficient new bleaching method. 

  • What Are The Advantages Of Non Woven Fabrics?

    Ten advantages of pure cotton fabric: Natural/Age-old/Drought-tolerant/Salinity-tolerant/Eco-friendly/Sustainable/Positive/Safe/Breathable/Socially valuable.

  • Are Non Woven Fabrics Breathable?

    Yes. As we know, hollow structure is the feature of cotton fibers, and because of that, cotton non-woven fabric cloth is very breathable.

  • May I Get Some Samples of Your Non Woven Fabric Material?

    The answer to this question is a big "Yes". As one of the professional non woven material manufacturers in China, PurCotton provides samples for our non-woven spunlace material upon request. All you need to do is to kindly advise the detailed specifications, such as the material, basis weight, pattern, width, roll diameter, or application of the products.

  • How Can You Assure Your Products Quality?

    As one of the professional spunlace nonwoven fabric manufacturers in China, PurCotton has 30 years of manufacturing experience in cotton items. Not only do we possess a strict quality control system, but we also have advanced equipment and high technology talents over the biodegradable cotton non woven fabric products.