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WPC-CB-03 Eco Friendly Cotton Buds

Using 100% organic cotton, our WPC-CB-03 eco-cotton swabs are totally plastic-free and harmless to our nature. As a large cotton buds company, we have the responsibility and obligation to protect our environment and provide environmentally friendly and sustainable cotton buds to our consumers.

WPC-CB-03 Eco Friendly Cotton Buds Specifications

Ref no.UsageMain MaterialSizePackage
Cotton buds
beauty make up, daily cleaningblack and white paper stick & double-end7.5x1.5x0.5box, pe bag, customization

Why Choose WPC-CB-03 Environmentally-Friendly Cotton Buds?

Sustainability: Compare to the cotton swabs made with plastic sticks, PurCotton's WPC-CB-03 eco-cotton swabs series are 100% biodegradable. Due to the small size of swab buds, many people will just flush the buds down the toilet and this act can cause consistent marine environmental pollution. Using eco-friendly cotton buds can help to change the situation and make a greener world.

Convenience: With the double-ended design, our WPC-CB-03 sustainable cotton buds can help the users to make  daily cleaning effectively. 

More Visualized Cleaning: The black design of these eco-cotton swabs is easier to visualize the earwax when cleaning ears, which can greatly increase customers' satisfaction.

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