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Winner Medical Co., Ltd

We Care for Humanity

Winner PurCotton cares for humanity, We believe that the perfect society is one where all people are equal and caring for each other, which is also UN Sustainable Development Goal 5. We help women achieve their ambitions and build inclusive workplaces where women of all identities are supported and empowered. Not only women, we care about all people in society. We actively organize and participate in social public welfare activities, including helping Henan fight floods and disasters, donating supplies to impoverished students in Qinghai, and escorting Xi'an to fight the epidemic. We fully fulfill our corporate social responsibility to empower social progress and development.

We Care for Humanity

Gender Equity

We support the diversified development of women and provide a smooth career growth path and equal career development opportunities for high-potential female employees of the company. We are committed to creating a workplace environment more suitable for women's development.

Women at PurCotton

From the research and development process at PurCotton to the production process, to the sales staff who provide you with order services, and the transportation and customs declaration staff responsible for delivering the goods to you, female employees participate in most of the work content of the link. 

Charity Donation


Winner assisted the disaster relief work in Henan, donating a total of 18 million yuan worth of supplies


Winner donated nearly 4 million yuan worth of anti-epidemic materials to The Shanxi Organization of the Red Cross to ensure the progress of anti-epidemic work.


Participated in the activities of helping the disabled, donating a total of medicines and small medicine boxes worth over 370,000 yuan.