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Cotton Nonwovens For Hygiene

Hygiene care products are recognized as the safest due to their significance to our healthy life.  As a mature spunlace fabric manufacturer, Winner Medical is always committed to providing the most natural and safe cotton tissue spunlace rolls for hygiene products application, so as to bring a comfort upgrade revolution for consumers.

Key Attributes of Hygiene Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Natural Regular Cotton

Gently to people's delicate skin;

Softness and comfort;


Breathable and absorbable;

No fluorescence whitening agent;


100% Biodegradable

Certified Organic Cotton


No pesticide residue

Premium option

Why Use Nonwovens For Hygiene?

PurCotton's nonwoven hygiene products are all made with 100% Cotton. The cotton we use is unbleached raw cotton. The original waxiness on the cotton surface can ensure that the fiber of the raw cotton will not be easily broken during the production process and it's totally chlorine-free. Thus, the nonwoven hygiene products for sale at Winner PurCotton can effectively prevent further chemical Irritation to our skin. 

Pure cotton also has good moisture absorption and permeability ability. Using dryness treatment to improve the rewet value and penetration size, Winner's spunlace nonwoven rolls for hygiene are extremely soft and will not bring you any uncomfortable feeling. You can find the application of our non-woven fabric tissue paper widely on the top sheets and inner cores of non-woven sanitary pads or the integrated pantyliner.

Cotton Nonwoven Fabric Design of Nonwoven Hygiene Products

As a professional Cotton Tissue Manufacturer in China, Winner PurCotton can provide high quality nonwoven spunlace rolls for hygiene uses with different patterns.

PCWH-BL-E1005 35gsm 22mesh-blue Nonwoven Tissue Paper Fabric
PCWH-E1000 30gsm Plain Non Woven Fabric Tissue Paper Fabric
PCWH-E1002 35gsm 8 Mesh Spunlace Rolls
PCWH-E1003 33gsm 16Mesh Spunlace Fabric
PCWH-E1005 32gsm  22Mesh Plain Tissue Non Woven Fabric
PCWH-E1006 30gsm 36 Mesh Nonwoven Tissue Paper Fabric
PCWH-E1035 33gsm, 1915 Non Woven Fabric Tissue Paper Fabric
PCWH-E1036 30gsm 3020 Spunlace Rolls
PCWH-NC-E1000 100gsm Plain-Unbleached Tissue Non Woven Fabric
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