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    What is PurCotton?

    PurCotton is Winner's 100% cotton spunlace nonwoven that combines the superior properties of premium natural cotton and advanced nonwoven technology, with no chemical additives, no chlorine or fluorescence. 

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    What's the advantages of PurCotton?

    Firstly, PurCotton is made from unbleached raw cotton, whereas most manufacturers use bleached cotton. The fiber length of unbleached raw cotton that we use is more than 28 to 29 mm, of bleached cotton, is less than 20 to 22 mm.  The most important difference is that the wax originally covered on the fiber of raw cotton will protect the fibers not breaking during the production process like cleaning, carding and spunlace. While the bleached cotton has been degreased of wax during the bleaching process. When you use bleached cotton to produce 100% cotton nonwovens, the fibers will easily break during the process of carding and spunlace. Under this condition, the strength of PurCotton is much better than the other cotton nonwoven fabric

    Secondly, PurCotton is bleached in the final process, while the others bleach the cotton at the beginning. The bleaching method is the most important part of our patent. After spunlace, we bleach the PurCotton with high temperature and pressure in the final step. Through this process, we could not only get rid of the wax, dust, and a small piece of cottonseeds but also kill the bacteria in the products. PurCotton's low bioburden is the most important advantage in hygiene and medical products. Conversely, other manufacturers produce cotton nonwovens in an unclean workshop and deliver the dustier, more bioburden fabric directly from the workshop to their customers.

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    What is PurCotton made of?

    PurCotton is made from 100% natural cotton. We select the world's best quality cotton, including US cotton, Australian cotton, Turkish organic cotton, and process PurCotton spunlace nonwovens with advanced equipment and patented technology to provide reliability and quality assurance for your brand.

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    What is in organic cotton?

    Organic cotton means using non-GMO cotton seeds and nourishment with organic fertilizer. All the raw material for our spunlace nonwoven fabric is planted in natural plantations that are 200 kilometers away from any industrial pollution. 

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    Are non woven fabrics breathable?

    Yes. As we know, hollow structure is the feature of cotton fibers, and because of that, cotton non-woven fabric cloth is very breathable.

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    Do your products contain plastic?

    No, our product is made of 100% natural cotton.

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    Do your products contain chlorine?

    No, we don't use any chemical additives in our products, including chlorine, fluorescence, preservatives, etc.

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    Do your product sustainable and biodegradable?

    Yes. Our spunlace nonwoven fabric is made from 100% pure cotton, which is 100% pollution-free to the environment. Having related certificates for making compostable cotton spunlace nonwoven products, PurCotton is proven not only biodegradable but also benefit for our earth. PurCotton can be used as fertilizer after about 120 days of industrial composting.

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    Who certifies your product?

    Our products have obtained EU CE certification, US FDA certification and Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare certification.

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    What's the meaning of spunlace?

    The spunlace process uses the high pressure of the machine to stab water on the surface of the cotton fiber from top to bottom, making it change from a dry state to a wet state, and the cotton fibers are entangled with each other to have horizontal and vertical tension, so that the originally loose fiber web has a certain strength and a complete structure, and then finally it becomes fabric.

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    Why are non-woven fabrics good for medical applications?

    According to Edana, nonwovens deliver critical safety properties, such as prevention against infections and diseases. With today’s multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria and viruses, nonwovens can help in the fight against cross-contamination and the spread of infection in a medical or surgical environment. Because they are used only once and incinerated after use, the need for handling is avoided and the spread of contaminants is minimized.

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    What is cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric used for?

    The properties of cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric are natural and harmless and no additives are added, which makes it a perfect choice for hygienic are, cosmetics use, home care and medical use.

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    Can I use your cotton nonwoven fabric for face mask?

    Our cotton nonwoven fabric (also called PurCotton) can absorb moisture and perspiration, does not produce moisture, and is non-irritating, breathable and soft, etc. It is very suitable for making face masks.

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    What's cotton tissue?

    Cotton tissue is a type of tissue. Cotton tissue is a non-woven fabric made of cotton as raw material, processed by non-woven processes such as spunlace, and then cut into tissue products of different sizes, which are used by adults or babies in daily cleaning and care. Cotton tissue has the characteristics of softness and fineness, good water absorption, and no crumbs. It is an environmentally friendly substitute for paper tissue, cotton towel and other products.

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    Why are cotton sanitary pads better?

    Feminine hygiene products must be leak-proof, highly absorbent, comfortable and non-allergenic. The performance of 100% cotton products is excellent.

    1. Cotton is hypoallergenic: it is a critical feature for sanitary pads application.

    2. Highly absorbent: 24 g water/g fiber.

    3. Cotton is strong: wet strength is 3.7 times stronger than pulp.

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    What information do I need to provide when ordering non-woven rolls?

    You need to advise the detailed specifications, such as the material, basis weight, pattern, width, roll diameter, or application of the products.

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    Can I get some samples to test out before ordering the product?

    The answer to this question is a big "Yes". As one of the professional nonwoven material manufacturers in China, PurCotton provides samples for our nonwoven spunlace material upon request. 

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    How long does the sample be prepare for?

    It usually takes 3-7 days for common specifications and packaging, and needs to be negotiated for customized samples.

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    What are the benefits of becoming a distributor?

    1. Marketing support: social medial and search engine marketing supported.

    2. Training support: products and marketing skills training supported.

    3. Promotion support: if the distributor reaches the sales target, there will be corresponding incentives.

    4. Certification Support: high standard products certification supported, such as GOTS, OEKO-TEX, TUV compostable etc.

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    What are the requirements for being a distributor?

    1. Understanding of local policies: understand local registration procedures and be able to perform these formalities on our behalf.

    2. Great marketing ability: distributors must have the ability to maintain sufficient product inventory and market the product locally accordingly.

    3. Growth potential: the distributor's ability to keep up with any expected growth in the local market.

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    How do I become a distributor?

    The steps to sign up and be an Winner PurCotton distributor: 

    1. Fill in the distribution application form

    2. Distributor qualification evaluation

    3. Sample test

    4. Sign the contract