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Cosmetic OEM Skincare Products

The OEM beauty products produced by Winner Medical actually accumulate both natural and healthy strengths from raw cotton. The OEM skin care products for sale here can effectively moisturize and beautify your skin. As a professional cosmetic OEM manufacturer, Winner has always been focusing on providing mature cotton cosmetic skin care solutions. 

OEM Skin Care Products For Sale

Pros of Choosing Cosmetic OEM Skin Care Services

- Benefits for Start-up Cosmetic Brands
Normlly, the newly established cosmetics brands have relatively tight operating capital and they do not have the ability to invest in building a brand-new factory. Thus, it appears to be a wise decision for these start-ups to choose a mature OEM cosmetic company to produce OEM skin care products for them. Having a complete production line for various cosmetic products, Winner PurCotton can provide you with professional one-stop services for different cosmetic OEM products, such as make-up removing wipes, facial masks, etc.

- Benefits for Well-known Brands

With the help of a professional OEM cosmetics manufacturer, those well-known brands with great sales volume can effectively improve the production volume of their skincare or cosmetic products while ensuring consistent product quality. Moreover, through the OEM skin care services, the brand can also flexibly place orders and assign production quantity tasks according to market changes and consumer demands, so as to avoid losses caused by market changes.

Why Choose Winner PurCotton as your Cosmetic OEM Manufacturer?  

With 30 years of experience in the production of medical hygiene materials and dressings, Winner Medical is an independent and innovative company that develops, produces, and sells medical dressings and daily OEM beauty products using cotton as the main raw material.

We have a 100,000-level purification workshop and standard medical production. All of our cosmetic cotton OEM products use natural materials and refuse to be reproduced. Use pure natural materials to make cosmetic products that refuse chemical processing and do not contain fluorescent agents, formaldehyde any additives.

Having a number of domestic and foreign certifications including OKE-TEX & GOTS & TUV & FDA and so on, Winner PurCotton has advanced R&D technology. As a high-tech enterprise, we are also an OEM skin care manufacturer that pays great attention to environmental protection using 100% natural high-quality cotton that is pollution-free and additive-free all materials are degradable and compostable.

Reach out to us to know more details about how we provide the best solution and the highest standard products with the most cutting-edge enterprises.

Good Skin Hygiene with Purcotton OEM Skin Care Products

  • Remove your makeup

As for makeup removal, you can use either our cotton pads wholesale to take the appropriate amount of cleansing oil or directly use cleansing OEM wet wipes to remove makeup.

  • Wash your face

Rinse your face with clean water and rub a small amount of mild cleanser between clean palms. Massage the cleanser on your face with gentle pressure. Rinse your face with water until cleansers and dirt are removed. Pat your face dry with a soft cotton tissue.

  • Apply mask

Apply the facial mask after moisturizing the skin with toner, wait for 10-15 minutes, then remove the mask for follow-up skincare.

Eco-Friendly Skincare Routine

The concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development deeply goes into all aspects of our lives. In addition to the need for green products in industrial production, the concept of environmental protection has also begun to emerge in the field of cosmetics and skincare. In our daily makeup and skincare process, one of the most frequently used materials is cotton skin care products, from cotton pads and cotton wipes to the cotton tissues to dry your face, to facial masks. Eco-friendly personal care products are everywhere. But why do we choose cotton skin care products?

As a natural fiber, cotton uses photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide when it grows and consumes much less energy and water than chemical fiber and animal fur. Its carbon emissions are much lower than chemical fiber.

As a professional cosmetic OEM manufacturer in China, Winner PurCotton offers cosmetic OEM skincare products that are made from 100% cotton spunlace material, which is comfortable and environmentally friendly and brings optimal user experience to the users.

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