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Organic Unbleached Cotton Fabric Nonwoven Solutions For Hygiene and Cosmetic

Unbleached organic cotton nonwoven is a natural and sustainable solution for personal hygiene applications. It is made from 100% unbleached cotton fiber and without a bleaching process for nonwoven manufacturing, so there are some cotton seeds on the surface of the fabric. 

Winner Medical is the GOTS certified and TUV Compostable certified manufacturer for non woven fabric, and offers diversified customized nonwoven solutions.

Key Attributes of Unbleached Cotton Nonwoven

●Sustainable solutions

●Premium option

●Original cotton color, more natural

●Reduce carbon footprint


●No pesticide residue

Application of Unbleached Cotton Nonwoven

●Topsheet of sanitary pads

●Cotton pads

●Facial Mask

Organic Unbleached Cotton Fabric Nonwoven Solutions For Hygiene

Why use organic unbleached cotton fabric nonwoven?

The chemical fibers are man-made fibers and they are irritating and can be absorbed by the skin even if we don't feel them, including chlorine, dioxins (carcinogens), disinfectants containing (DBPs) and trihalomethanes. Whether for human health or the environment, chemical fiber non-woven fabric is very unfriendly.

Organic unbleached cotton non-woven fabric is made of natural fibers, it is natural and organic with no chemical process or additives, no chlorine, and fluorescent agent. And the natural cotton color is a little bit like beige, a special selling point for products difference. It is not only safe for human health but also sustainable for the environment.

Winner Medical is always committed to being a responsible supplier for global clients and our planet, let sustainable products work together for a more green tomorrow.

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