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Winner Medical Co., Ltd

Clean And Disinfection Solutions

Wholesale Clean And Disinfection Products

Why Choose Winner Medical?

Elevate Your Brand, Wipe by Wipe - Choose Quality, Choose Winner Medical.

System Certification

Medical Device Quality Management System Certification, IS09001, IS014001, IS022716, FDA Registered Pharmaceutical Company.

Production Environment

High-standard production environment,100,000 degrade purified workshop.

Sustainable Option

Biodegradable Fiber Nonwoven(cotton, viscose, bamboo, etc.).

Product Certification

EPA Certificate  NDC Certificate  BPR Certificate

Safe Formula

×Pigmen  ×Fluorescence  ×Formaldehyde  ×CIT/MIT Preservatives  ×Malonic Acid ×Heavy Metals

Winner Medical Production Capacity

Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer

500-1000 ml sanitizer--40,000 bottles per shift

30-250 ml santizer--60,000 botles per shift

Wet Wipes

It can produce 4.9 million wipes per day in a single shift.

Alcohol Pads

3x6/6x6cm size alcohol pads--1.4 million pieces per shift

11x15cm size alcohol pads--400,000 pieces per shift

15x20cm size alcohol pads--300,000 pieces per shift

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