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Pure Cotton Fabric & OEM Personal Care Products Wholesale

Winner Medical is dedicated to the production of 100% pure cotton fabric wholesale and corresponding cotton-based personal care products for the global market. We always create quality eco-friendly personal care products to fully meet your requirement.

PurCotton Eco-friendly Fabric & Personal Care Products List

Cotton Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric
Cotton Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric
Cotton Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric combines the superior characteristic of both high-quality natural cotton and advanced nonwoven technology,no chemicals or additives, no chlorine or fluorescence.

Winner Medical is the Benchmarking of Personal Care Products Industries

From single cotton to each cotton nonwoven product, chemical alternation and artificial additives are minimized to preserve the natural advantages and benefits of cotton.

During the production process of all Winner Medical products, we will not only select global natural raw cotton, but we will also utilize the unique advanced technology of spunlace cotton non-woven so as to better maintain the natural features of the cotton and bring the users the softest touch simultaneously. Following the safety standards for the medical cotton products strictly, Winner PurCotton has always been striving to maintain the high production standards for our cotton fabric items and protect the health of our consumers.

Using 100% high-quality natural cotton, our wholesale cotton products can promote a more eco-friendly environment and sustainable ecology. As one of the professional personal care products wholesale suppliers in China, PurCotton wants to bring you health, comfortableness, safety, and quality-thus ultimately, a desirable user experience and user image.

Winner Pure Cotton Fabric Certificate

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Our Innovation in OEM Pure Cotton Fabric

Cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric was independently researched and developed by Winner Medical in 2005, which has obtained a patented certificate in the US, the EU, Indonesia and Malaysia, a total 25 countries around the world. Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric was known as the "Great innovation of the textile industry."

Safe And Clean Production Environment 
Safe And Clean Production Environment 

Each production process of our pure cotton fabric is completed in a high-standard purification workshop, which controls the initial contamination of bacteria to a very low level. Therefore, Winner Medical's pure cotton fabric is suitable for medical, sanitary, and home and personal care products.

Innovate Traditional Processes
Innovate Traditional Processes

The direct use of raw cotton and processing spunlace first then degreasing can effectively maintain the maximum length and toughness of cotton fiber, which makes our pure cotton fabric wholesale with better resistance to friction and less bio-burden.

Computer Automatic Vision Inspection System
Computer Automatic Vision Inspection System

Automatic inspection system to eliminate foreign fiber and contaminations, to produce clean and safe cotton personal care items/products

Environmental-Friendly Manufacture Process
Environmental-Friendly Manufacture Process

Cotton fibers can be directly processed into high-quality "cotton fabric" within 2-3 days, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces pollution and carbon emissions.

Applications Of Pure Cotton Fabric

Applications Of Pure Cotton Fabric

As one of the professional personal care products wholesale suppliers in China, Winner Medical can offer diverse types of nonwoven fabric so as to meet the needs of different industries. We are always interested in developing new or improved materials for our customers. Feel free to contact us at any time for a more accurate pure cotton fabric wholesale price!

Pure Cotton Fabric Personal Care Products Design

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