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100% Organic Cotton Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

100% organic cotton spunlace nonwovens are processed using virgin staple cotton from certified organic cotton suppliers worldwide. The cotton is bonded into cloth by high-pressure spunlace, and the whole process is a physical processing process without additional chemical additions. Organic cotton is produced and processed without the use of any pesticides and GMOs, and is certified by an independent certification body. Its production technology is very different from GM cotton. There are strict technical requirements for soil environment, irrigation water quality, air environment, internal quality control in production, and organic cotton production and processing management.

Application of 100% Organic Cotton Nonwoven Fabric Wholesale

• Top sheet of sanitary pads

• Baby diapers

• Adult Incontinence products

• Medical bandage

• Industrial cleaning material

Key Attributes of Organic Cotton Nonwoven Fabric Wholesale

• GOTS certified

• 100% biodegradability

• Excellent absorbency and release

• Super hypoallergenic

• Superb natural feel

• High Wet Strength

• Excellent marketability

Why use 100% organic cotton fabric nonwoven wholesale?

Organic cotton is a kind of high-quality non-polluting "environmentally friendly cotton" that is truly derived from nature. This cotton is natural, hypoallergenic, renewable and biodegradable. It's a more sustainable form of agriculture than conventional cotton because it reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while using scarce water resources more efficiently. It benefits cotton producers and the environment in developing countries, improves social conditions, and is better for health care. Due to social advocacy and increased awareness of environmental protection, consumers associate organic cotton more with safety, environmental protection and sustainability. And for brands and retailers, one of the most important ways to engage with consumers on safety and environmental issues is to promote the use of cotton.

Sustainability is front and center. Each industry and company takes a unique approach to sustainability, but they all share the same ultimate goal of reducing waste and protecting our planet for future generations. At Winner Medical, we are always looking for more environmentally friendly solutions.

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