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Non-Woven Cotton Fabric for Medical Use

During the epidemic, the high-intensity work and high occupational exposure risks of most medical staff make us think that while ensuring protection, the wearing comfort of medical staff is also a critical consideration. Still, traditional disposable medical protective materials cannot meet the needs. Therefore, Winner Medical, a professional medical non-woven fabric manufacturer and company, has developed a new cotton non-woven fabric for medical protection products, which not only ensures protection performance but also is as comfortable, skin-friendly and sweat-absorbing as traditional cotton fabrics. With the skin-friendly comfort of medical cotton, it meets the requirements of various standards, and the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction can be achieved whether it is incinerated or degraded after medical use.

Key Attributes of Medical Cotton Non-woven Fabric

Natural Regular Cotton





100% Biodegradable

Certified Organic Cotton


No pesticide residue

Premium option

Non Woven Fabric in Medical Textiles

  • Surgical gown 

  • Protective clothing

Why Use Non-woven Fabric for Medical Uses?

Medical non-woven fabrics break through the traditional textile principles, and have the advantages of being moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustion-supporting, easy to decompose, non-irritating, inexpensive, and recyclable, and are very suitable for the medical field. Compared to the traditional medical fabrics, such as linens, non-woven fabric for medical use is more biodegradable and hygienic. Requiring no sterilization or repeated cleaning, the medical cotton fabrics can not only provide convenience for medical workers but also avoid cross-contamination from the beginning. Moreover, since the nonwoven fabric can be tailored to changing specifications, the adaptability of medical cotton fabric is also very wide. As the result, the medical cotton fabric is greatly favored by the spunlace nonwovens market.

Manufacturing Process of Medical Cotton Fabric

The PurCotton's medical cotton fabric uses the spunlace process to penetrate the cotton fiber web through high-pressure water needles so that the cotton fibers are tightly entangled with each other and finally spun lace non-woven fabrics are made. The whole process uses physical entanglement and reinforcement without any chemical adhesives added. The advantages of spunlace technology over other nonwoven processes are textile-like fabric feel, lint-free, excellent absorbency, and bulkiness, etc.

Instead of bleached cotton, PurCotton uses unbleached high-quality cotton to produce medical-grade pure cotton fabric, and we bleach the fabric at the final step. Firstly, after-bleaching can protect the cotton fiber from damage and improve the tensile strength of the product. Secondly, after degreasing and bleaching at high temperature and high pressure, the whole process is chlorine-free and less bio-burden. Therefore our products are fully qualified for use in medicine.

Non Woven Medical Products

As a professional medical fabric manufacturer in China, Winner PurCotton offers medical cotton fabrics with consistently high quality. The applications of our medical non woven fabric include surgical gowns, wound dressings, face masks, etc. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Protective Clothing for Medical Use
Protective Clothing for Medical Use
Protective Clothing for Medical Use
Surgical Gown for Medical Use
Surgical Gown for Medical Use
Surgical Gown for Medical Use
Surgical Gown for Medical Use
Surgical Gown for Medical Use
Face Masks for Medical Use
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