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Plastic Free Cotton Nonwoven Solutions For Pet Wipes Application

The pets may be at risk of licking and skin irritation, the solution for pet wipes is not the same as human wipes. 

Cotton spunlace biodegradeble nonwoven wipes for pet application, it is sustainable, safe, eco-friendly and all-natural. Winner Medical is a pet wipes supplier with 31 years of experience, and the production pet/dog wet wipes supplier is medical purified. We are committed to providing differentiated non-woven grooming wipes solutions for pet wipes brands.

Key Attributes of Wholesale Pet Wet Wipes

  • Sustainable solutions

  • No chemical fibers 

  • No fluorescence whitening agent

  • Reduce carbon footprint

Application of Wholesale Pet Wet Wipes

  • Organic dog wipes

  • Dog facial wipes

  • Foot wipes for dogs

  • Pet sanitizing wipes

What are the functions of organic cotton non-woven biodegradable pet wipes bulk?

1. When pets cannot be bathed:

● a pet that has just been brought home;

● Young pets who have not been vaccinated;

● Pets with trauma, suffering from colds, etc., are in an unhealthy state;

● Newly vaccinated pets;

● The pet in heat;

● Pets before and after pregnancy.

2. Take pets out for a walk;

3. Develop a good habit of caring for pets with wet wipes, which can not only prevent bacterial infection caused by the heart but also timely detect whether there are health hazards in the cat's feet, ears, eyes, etc.

Why use cotton nonwoven for biodegradable pet wipes bulk?

First, pet-friendly cleaning wipes can be completely degraded after use, and will not cause pollution to the environment.

Second, the cotton wipes have a better skin feel and are more protective of the pet's skin.

Third, pet wet wipes made of pure cotton have better hydrophilicity, relatively higher water absorption and a better cleaning effect.

Fourth, the pet wet wipes oem made of cotton have better water retention, and a pack of pet wet wipes will not cause the moisture of the upper layer to sink to the bottom due to placement.

Can you use pet wipes on humans? Are pet wipes safe for humans?

We don't recommend using pet wipes on humans, it's always best to use products made specifically for humans and dogs because dogs have a different pH than humans. Winner Nonwovens uses 100% cotton to produce biodegradable pet wipes, supplying OEM wholesale pet-safe oem wet wipes. No chemical additives such as fluorescent whitening agents are added in our pet wipes factory, it is mild and non-irritating, it will not be dangerous for cats and dogs to lick it, and it will not harm human skin.

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