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Wholesale Disposable Towels For Hotels

Winner Nonwoven specializes in providing high-quality wholesale disposable compressed towels tailored for the hospitality industry, specifically catering to hotels and accommodations. With a reputation for excellence, Winner Nonwoven offers a range of disposable compressed premium towels that meet the demands of comfort, durability, and luxury expected by hotel guests.

Types of disposable towels in hotel

Bath Towels: Bath towels are larger towels used for drying the body after bathing or showering. They are soft, absorbent, and often the most commonly provided towels in hotel rooms.

Hand Towels: Hand towels are smaller towels typically placed near sinks for guests to dry their hands. They are convenient for quick hand drying and are often found in bathrooms.

Face Cloths or Washcloths: Face cloths, also known as washcloths, are small, square towels used for facial cleansing or removing makeup. They provide a gentle way to cleanse the face.

Pool Towels: Hotels with swimming pools or spa facilities usually provide pool towels. These towels are larger and designed to be more durable, as they may be used outdoors or around water.

Beach Towels: Some hotels located near beaches or with beachfront access offer larger beach towels. These towels are designed to be sand-resistant and provide comfort for guests lounging by the water.

Spa Towels: Luxury hotels with spa facilities often provide specialized towels for guests using spa amenities. These towels might be larger and of higher quality for a more indulgent experience.

Hotel towel size

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackage
Compressed bath towel
Vertical stripe design, soft and clean
Super absorbent, dry body easily
Made of 100% cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric, vertical pattern60g/60x100cm1pcs / bag

What gsm towels do hotels use?

Hotels typically use towels with a GSM (grams per square meter) ranging from 60 to 200, depending on the type of towel and the desired level of comfort and luxury. The GSM indicates the density and thickness of the towel fabric, with higher GSM values indicating a thicker and more absorbent towel

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