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100 Percent Cotton Fabric for Cosmetic Products

Skincare products should focus on safe materials and ingredients. Using good skincare products is like loving ourselves, which is not a small thing. As a professional non-woven fabric material supplier, Winner Medical is concerned about what our consumers care about the most. All of our natural fiber nonwoven fabrics are made in the medical purified workshop and processed under a strict quality control system. Using 100 percent cotton fabric, the OEM skin care products provided by PurCotton can offer soft, hygienic, yet still biodegradable cosmetic solutions. 

Key Attributes of Cosmetic Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Purity: Made by 100% natural cotton, no chemical fibers

Safe: No fluorescence whitening agent

Eco-friendly: 100% biodegradable and sustainable

Skin-friendly: soft touch, comfortable and lints-free   

Application of Cosmetic Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Why Choose 100 Percent Cotton Fabric for Cosmetic Industry?

As cosmetic care products are the most frequent items in contact with the skin in our daily life, we must choose the safest product to protect our skin. And among all the materials for making cosmetic products, 100 percent cotton fabric is well-known for its skin-friendly and comfortable features. Maintaining about 8% moisture content, the natural cotton fiber can reduce skin sensitivity. As a professional cosmetic OEM manufacturer, PurCotton uses 100 percent cotton fabric without any additives to produce our cosmetic skincare products, and the cosmetics made with cotton spunlace technology are not easy to fall off and cause friction resistance. Having strong water absorption, the cotton cleaning pads made from natural fiber nonwoven fabric can conduct makeup removal more thoroughly and easier.

Which cosmetic fabrics are known to be skin friendly?

PP, PE, and PET are common plastic fibers used as cosmetic materials, which can negatively affect patients with skin diseases. These fibers are synthetic and tend to trap moisture, which can irritate your skin. Some of the most common skin-friendly fabrics are natural fabrics like cotton and hemp. Any fiber that has good conductive and wicking properties are good for people who have sensitive skin conditions. If you suffer from eczema, dermatitis, or other skin concerns that complicate your cosmetic material decisions, it's important to reinvest in items that don't cause irritation or friction. While there are many skin-friendly fabrics on the market, not every natural fiber is necessarily good for the skin, as they have the potential to add many chemicals that can cause skin irritation. Winner Nonwovens is a personal care products manufacturer, we supply cotton cosmetics, welcome to Welcome to inquire and request samples.

Cotton Nonwoven Fabric Pattern for OEM Cosmetics Products

PCWH-Bl-E1005 35gsm 22Mesh-Blue For OEM Fabric Cosmetics
PCWH-E1000 30gsm Plain For OEM Fabric Cosmetics
PCWH-E1002 35gsm 8 Mesh For OEM Cosmetics Fabric
PCWH-E1003 33gsm 16mesh For OEM Cosmetics Fabric Skincare
PCWH-E1005 22gsm Plain For OEM Cosmetics Material
PCWH-E1006 30gsm 36mesh For OEM Cosmetics Fabric
PCWH-E1035 33gsm, 1915 For OEM Cosmetics Fabric
PCWH-E1036 30gsm 3020 For OEM Cosmetics Material
PCWH-Nc-E1000 100gsm Plain-Unbleached For OEM Cosmetics
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