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Visit by Zhongnan Hospital to Wuhan Textile University, a Partner of Winner Medical Innovation Institute, to Explore the Innovative Path of Integration between Medicine and Textiles

As the benchmark enterprise in the medical and health field, Winner Medical has been committed to promoting the integrated development of medical technology and innovative materials. On June 9th, Director Zhou Fuling from the Hematology Department of Zhongnan Hospital, organized by Winner Medical, visited Wuhan Textile University to explore the innovative possibilities of combining medical and textile sciences.

In 2021, Winner Medical and Wuhan Textile University jointly established an Innovation Research Institute. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and President of Wuhan Textile University, Xu Weilin was appointed as the dean of the Winner Medical-Wuhan Textile University Innovation Research Institute. During this visit, Mr. Ji Hua, representative of the Winner Medical Innovation Research Institute, accompanied Director Zhou Fuling to Wuhan Textile University for an exchange visit. Academician Xu Weilin welcomed Winner Medical and Zhongnan Hospital, emphasizing the importance of exchange and cooperation. He believes that combining Winner Medical's professional background with the research and development strength of the Textile University will significantly promote technological progress in the medical and health field, providing excellent product support for hospitals and patients.

"Integration of Medical and Textile Sciences" is a professional term referring to an interdisciplinary field involving knowledge and technologies from medicine, textile science, material science, bio-engineering, and other disciplines. By developing safer, more effective, and comfortable medical products through material innovation, technology integration, product design, clinical applications, research collaborations, and market development, the quality and efficiency of medical services are improved.

Academician Xu Weilin personally explained and demonstrated the latest research achievements of the school in the field of textile technology, including intelligent textiles, biomedical materials, nanofiber technology, and how to apply these technologies to clinical medicine to solve practical problems and promote research and innovation.

Winner Medical's representatives, Director Zhou Fuling from Zhongnan Hospital, and her team visited the exhibition hall of Wuhan Textile University. The exhibition hall showcased multiple cutting-edge textile technologies, including the classification of materials, their characteristics, current iconic applications, and future medical applications. Academician Xu Weilin provided detailed explanations of the principles of each technology, their application prospects, and the current research progress.

During the exchange session, the three parties conducted in-depth discussions on how to combine textile technology with clinical medical needs. Director Zhou Fuling pointed out that the Hematology Department faces many challenges in the treatment process, such as the improvement of blood infusion materials and the enhancement of wound healing speed. These are urgent clinical pain points. She stated that innovations in textile technology provide new ideas and possibilities for solving these issues.


Academician Xu Weilin agreed and proposed that Wuhan Textile University is willing to engage in deeper cooperation with Zhongnan Hospital to jointly develop new medical materials and equipment that meet clinical needs. He emphasized that the application potential of textile technology in the medical and health field is enormous. Through the joint efforts of both parties, it is expected to achieve technological breakthroughs and benefit more patients.

Representatives from Winner Medical expressed at the event that the company has been committed to exploring new opportunities in the medical and health field through interdisciplinary cooperation. The collaboration with the Hematology Department of Zhongnan Hospital and Wuhan Textile University marks an important step for Winner Medical in the field of integrating medical and textile sciences.

The three parties reached a preliminary cooperation intention during the event, planning to jointly carry out research and development projects in the future, transforming the research achievements of the Textile University into practical medical products to solve actual clinical problems.

With continuous technological development, interdisciplinary cooperation has become an important way to drive innovation. The exchange between Winner Medical, the Hematology Department of Zhongnan Hospital, and Wuhan Textile University not only showcased their professional strengths in their respective fields but also injected new vitality into technological innovation in the medical and health field. We look forward to more breakthrough achievements in the future, contributing more significantly to human health.

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