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Winner Medical's Charitable Support for Meizhou Flood Disaster Relief

On June 16, 2024, multiple regions in Meizhou, Guangdong experienced heavy rainfall with some areas seeing extremely heavy rain. Since the start of the flood season, Meixian District's rainfall has been 76% higher than the same period in previous years. Due to regional short-term heavy rainfall and extremely heavy rain upstream, combined with flood discharge, the Shiku River witnessed a flood surpassing the once-in-a-century level, and the Songyuan River experienced its highest water level in history. This caused natural disasters like mudslides, severely affecting many areas in the city.

In response to the government's call, Winner Medical and PurCotton mobilized resources to help Meizhou, uniting with enterprises and groups from various sectors across the province. Together, they worked in solidarity to ensure efficient disaster relief operations.


In response to the Meizhou government's initiative, Winner Medical actively coordinated the supply of products such as iodine cotton swabs, band-aids, sanitary wipes, medical surgical masks, and gauze bandages. Despite the adverse weather conditions affecting shipment from the Wuhan Winner warehouse, they managed to overcome the difficulties and collaborated effectively to successfully dispatch and deliver the supplies to the Meizhou Red Cross Foundation. The charity institution, with unified distribution by the Meizhou Bureau of Commerce, ensured that the supplies reached the disaster-stricken areas for rescue use, safeguarding residents' health and safety during this period of severe weather.


The philanthropic efforts of Winner Medical and PurCotton, coordinated by the Guangdong Hakka Chamber of Commerce, involved providing health and hygiene products based on the disaster equipment needs to the Meizhou Red Cross Foundation. These supplies arrived successfully on June 23, following which the Meizhou Red Cross Society and Bureau of Commerce jointly held a donation ceremony and distributed the materials to local citizens. This support helped the affected people to smoothly transition through the repair, transfer, and resettlement stages.



Together with compassionate enterprises and institutions in society, Winner Medical, PurCotton, and others joined forces to contribute their capabilities and responsibilities as health-focused companies. They helped fight and win the tough battle against floods and disaster relief, supporting post-disaster recovery efforts. We do hope that the affected areas will soon rebuild their beautiful homes!

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