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Eco-friendly Non-Woven Bags

Buy something is a necessary act of our daily life. Using environmentally friendly shopping bags is everyone's responsibility. The long-term use of plastic shopping bags has already caused irreparable harm to the environment because they are non-biodegradable and disposable. It's never too late to take action to protect the environment. Let's do it. As a professional non-woven fabric bags manufacturer/company, Winner Medical provides 100% cotton non-woven bags for sale at reasonable prices. Using green raw material, our non-woven fabric cloth bags are environmentally friendly and durable. 

Types of Nonwoven Bag Specifications

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSize
Non-woven Fabric Shopping Bag
100% biodegradable and compsotable, durable usecotton spunlace nonwoven fabricL:100g/52*(37+12)cm
Nonwoven Drawstring Bag

As a professional OEM cotton cloth bags factory in China, Winner PurCotton can also provide OEM/ODM services for other types of non-woven fabric packaging bags wholesale online with different specifications at great prices. Just send us your requirements and we will make it happen for you!

Non-Woven Bag Business Plan

Nonwoven Fabric Bag Industry Overview

With the restrictions on using plastic bags, non-woven packaging bags are now more and more popular and people have gradually deepened their understanding of the non-woven environmental protection bags. Compared with the traditional bag, the nonwoven fabric bag has the advantages of short production periods, high strength, and wide raw material sources. With the gradual popularity of environmental awareness, the production of high-quality non-woven bags that are eco-friendly is definitely an inevitable future trend and holds bright market prospects.

Choose the Right Raw Material of Non-woven Bags

As there are many raw material choices for the non-woven packaging bags for sale on the current market, you must carefully select the right raw material for your non-woven fabric bag before production. At present, the most commonly used material for making non-woven packaging bags are polyester, polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber, spandex, acrylic fiber, and cotton. And among all the raw material, cotton is the most eco-friendly one as they are 100% biodegradable and environmental-friendly. As a professional non-woven fabric biodegradable supplier, Winner PurCotton can provide you with high-quality non-woven cotton fabric for your nonwoven fabric bag.

Choose the Right Nonwoven Fabric Bag Machine

If you would love to start the non-woven bag business solely by yourself, then it is of great importance not only to select correct non-woven bag making and handle sealing machines but also to find the skilled manpower to operate those machines. It is definitely a daunting task. Whereas, if you don't want to waste time and money over finding the machine, looking for a mature non-woven fabric bags manufacturer that has a complete production line over non-woven cloth fabric bags is definitely a good option.

Follow the Local Government Protocols

Before you start the non-woven bag business, it is important to find out the local government protocols for starting and executing the non-woven packaging bag business, so as to prevent any unintentional illegal action from happening.

Non-Woven Bag Wholesale Market

A 2014 study showed that there are approximately 5.25 trillion plastic particles (269,000 tons) floating on the sea, of which plastic debris accounts for 60-80% of marine debris. If this situation cannot be effectively controlled, there will be nearly 12 billion tons of plastic waste in landfills by 2050, and there will be more plastic waste than marine organisms.

In order to effectively control the pollution of plastic bags to the environment, Winner PurCotton, as a pro-OEM cotton cloth bags factory,  is committed to the research and development of pure cotton non-woven fabric bags, which can be used in all scenarios of daily life as a substitute for plastic bags. In the current consumer market environment, consumers are willing to pay for environmentally friendly high-value non-woven bags, and governments around the world have also introduced policies to restrict the use of plastic bags. Based on this situation, the market potential of eco-friendly non-woven bags is immeasurable.

Non Woven Bags Design

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