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Connecting the World: Winner Medical Makes its Debut at the First CISCE

pur-cotton-20231201-1.jpgThe first China International Supply Chain Expo (abbreviated as CISCE)

was held on November 28th in Beijing

China's famous health enterprise, Winner Group

brings its subsidiaries "Winner Medical"and "Purcotton"

The dual brands of "medical" and "consumer"

were invited to appear at the Health Living Chain Pavilion

displaying a unique and distinctive aspect of China's cotton industry chain

which is one of the few large health enterprises that achieve end-to-end integration of the entire cotton chain

Turning the Gobi Desert into an Oasis of Cotton Supply Chains

Winner Group is exhibiting with the theme"Healthy China, One Cotton One World"

Covering an area of 500㎡, it is one of the largest booths in the Health Living Chain Pavilion


At the scene, a photography and illustration exhibition showcased the journey of a cotton flower that "the whole cotton is precious". The sound and light interactive screen narrated the "past and present" of cotton. The textile industry with "cotton" as its core has not only reconstructed the global economic pattern, but also led humans into the modern society through the Industrial Revolution, opening up a global integrated collaboration in the modern supply chain.


Now, Winner Group achieves "open collaboration and mutual benefit" along the entire chain by cultivating, procuring, processing, and selling high-quality cotton in collaboration with global partners.


Winner Group's booth attracted the attention of visitors and professionals from both domestic and international markets, creating a "sustainable and eco-friendly attention" at the CISCE.


In everyday life, whether in China or around the world, you can conveniently purchase high-quality products from Winner Group through pharmacies, supermarkets, stores, online platforms, and more, enjoying the convenience of a healthy lifestyle chain. In the future, Winner Group will continue to promote the sustainable development of the global cotton industry chain.


A press conference dedicated to achieving the pinnacle of excellence in 'One Cotton' unfolded

Rooted in cotton, dedicated to cotton, and driven by innovation. Held on November 29, the event, centered around 'cotton' as its core theme, featured keynote speeches from Zhang Yan, Rotating CEO of Winner Medical, Wang Hongyan, Deputy Director of Product at Winner Medical, and Li Huiyu, Head of Marketing at Purcotton.


As Winner Group continually strengthens its capabilities, it adheres to the philosophy of 'Cotton benefits to more application' to consistently realize product innovation. The company is striving to promote the use of all-cotton products as alternatives in the medical field, aiming to make medical consumables safer, more efficient, and sustainable. Additionally, it actively advocates for the substitution of all-cotton products in the household goods sector to make people's lives healthier, more comfortable, and environmentally friendly.


Through its participation in the first China International Supply Chain Expo, Winner Group showcased its premium national brand to the world, actively promoting non-woven fabrics as alternatives to woven fabrics, and advocating for a comfortable, all-cotton lifestyle. The goal is to secure a prominent position for Chinese brands in the global health industry.


As a typical enterprise in the cotton industry chain, Winner Group smoothly signed a cooperation agreement with China Expo Group for the second CISCE.


At the signing ceremony, Mr. Ren Hongbin, President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Mr. Li Jianquan, Chairman of Winner Medical, were present.

Functioning as both a supply chain and a win-win chain

Winner Group envisions a future where it collaborates with partners throughout the supply chain to build a community of shared interests and responsibilities. Guided by the principle of 'Healthy China, One Cotton One World,' the company is committed to driving the sustainable development of the entire global health industry and society as a whole."

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