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OEM Wet Wipes for Face

Made of 100% cotton through the patented PurCotton process, the wet tissue paper wipes produced by Winner Medical can keep the natural, soft and delicate strengths of the pure cotton fabric and meanwhile provide their users with a healthy and skin-friendly touch. As a mature wet tissue wipes manufacturer in China, Winner always selects the natural ingredients to develop the wet towel wipe solutions. 

OEM Wet Wipes Size

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackage
Saline Solution Wipes
High-quality natural cotton, large mesh design to increase friction, more clean and comfortablenonwovens, sodium chloride. EDI ultra pure water or RO purified water15x201psc/bag,33pcs/box,48boxes/ctn
7x101psc/bag,30 bags/box,48boxes/ctn
7.5x81psc/bag,1584 pcs/ctn
Baby care wipes
Made by cotton spunlaced non-woven patent, flexible and durablecotton spunlace nonwoven, weak acid formula, fit baby skin PH value15x20cm20 pcs/bag,48bags/ctn
Baby wipes for hand & mouth
Made by cotton spunlaced non-woven patent, no CIT/MIT additivescotton spunlace nonwoven、EDI ultra pure water or RO purified water15x20cm25 pcs/bag, 48bags/ctn
Make-up remover wipes
Function for both make-up remover and skincare, gentle and skin-friendlycotton spunlace nonwoven、EDI ultra pure water or RO purified water15x20cm1pcs/bag, 33bags/box,36boxes/ctn

As a professional wet tissue manufacturer, Winner Medical also provides ODM/OEM services for other cotton spunlace nonwoven wet wipes with different specifications. 

Wet Wipes Manufacturing and Production Process

As a professional manufacturer in producing OEM skin care products, Winner PurCotton has a mature production line for high-quality OEM wet tissue paper for the face. The manufacturing process of our eco water cotton wipes mainly includes the following steps: non-woven fabric loading → liquid injection → cutting pieces → aluminum plastic film packaging → heat sealing → cutting package sticking cover → manual inspection → final packing. 

Why Choose PurCotton as your OEM Wet Wipes Manufacturer?

As one of the pro wet tissue paper manufacturers in China, Winner PurCotton offers diverse types of cotton cosmetic wet wipes with different specifications. Conducting strict quality control over all of our OEM tissue wet wipes, we ensure every product will possess the following advantages:

Non-irritative to Skin: Made with 100% natural cotton, PurCotton's bulk cotton wet wipes will be super soft and do not contain any alcohol, dyes, or fragrances. They are even safe for babies' delicate skins.

Eco-friendly: As the main raw material for our water cotton spunlace wipes is cotton, they can be naturally degraded within 3 months, which brings no extra burden to the earth.

Competitive Marketing Prices: Having a professional R&D team and various advanced wet wipes production equipment, PurCotton has already helped lots of start-ups to design and produce their own cotton cosmetic wetty wipes. And we provide those services at a competitive and reasonable market price.

OEM Wet Wipes Raw Material

As a professional wet tissue manufacturer in China, Winner Medical Company provides high-quality eco-friendly wet wipes that are made of natural and safe cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric. Using natural pure cotton, our nonwoven fabric uses the needle-like water column formed by pressure, through the spunlaced machine to facilitate cotton fiber entanglement into cloth. With the advanced equipment, it will only take 5 minutes for us to form non-woven cloth from raw cotton. Thus, compared to the production of most of the hygiene wet wipes on the current market, the production of Winner's moisture wipes can greatly save spinning and weaving links, shorten working hours, and save energy consumption, and labor.

Wet Wipes Design

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