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Evolutionary Innovation of Dryness Technology for Sanitary Pads Topsheet

Why is the dryness of the sanitary pads important?

Rewet is a confusing problem for sanitary pads manufacturers and users. The drying effect of the surface layer of sanitary pads largely determines the degree of rewet and the comfort during sanitary pads use. The use of severely rewet sanitary pads can easily lead to fluid backflow. Hot weather or prolonged use can breed a lot of bacteria. During menstruation, the cervix is open, and bacteria are easy to invade when the resistance is reduced, making the skin itchy, and causing various gynecological problems over time. Therefore, pads that keep you dry are popular and essential.

What Are The Advantages of Purcotton's Dryness Technology?

Our advanced dryness technology for cotton nonwoven topsheet, can keep the benefits of natural cotton and improve rewet problems greatly. The hydrophobic of the wings is similar to the lotus leaf surface structure, which can effectively prevent side leakage. The excellent breathable makes people feel comfortable even sit for long time.

What's more, PurCotton's dry sanitary pad is made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a pure natural fiber that has been proven to be non-irritating to the human body and is the most suitable material for sensitive skin.

According to COTTON INCORPORATED's study,  women see cotton as better suited than manmade fibers in meeting their primary feminine hygiene needs of performance and comfort. Most women are willing to switch brands and/or pay a slightly higher price to purchase cotton feminine hygiene products. The majority of women say they are willing to switch brands to purchase cotton feminine hygiene products if they knew those products were more comfortable, hypoallergenic, and sustainable.

How much does the topsheet material affect the dryness of the sanitary pads?

The topsheet of sanitary pad is the fluid transfer layer, which is designed to transfer fluid from the top cover to the immediate secondary layer. It has been found that the fiber of the topsheet should be hydrophilic to provide sufficient capillary attraction to pull the fluid through the cover and provide a dry surface.

PurCotton R&D department selected some sanitary pads from popular brands in different countries for rewet comparison test. In addition to the rewet test of the original sanitary pads samples, we also did a comparative test after replacing the topsheet of the sanitary pads with the topsheet of PurCotton. The test results show that the topsheet material has a significant effect on the dry performance of the sanitary pads. After replacing the sanitary pads of various brands with PurCotton's dry topsheet, the dry performance has been significantly improved. If you would like to have the test data or samples, please contact us.

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