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Non-Woven Cotton Sanitary Pads Wholesale

Paying attention to women's health and the innovation and development of feminine care products, Winner Medical, as a mature sanitary pad manufacturer, can provide varied wholesale sanitary pads solutions to meet different perceptions from different consumers.

Wholesale Sanitary Pads Specifications

Ref no.Feature
Main Material
Cotton Dryness Series
Advanced dryness treatment, fast absorptionand super-dryDryness nonwoven topsheet, biodegradable fluff pulp, SAP, brethable backsheet
Cotton Gauze Series
Creative medical gauze technology, super breathableCotton gauze topsheet, biodegradable fluff pulp, SAP,  brethable backsheet245mm8pc/bag,48bag/ctn
Antibacterial Series
Security bacteriostaticAntibacterial cotton nonwoven topsheet, biodegradable fluff pulp, SAP,  brethable backsheet245mm8pc/box,30box/ctn
Cotton Core Series
100% Cotton Concept, cotton topsheet and cotton corehigh-fluffy cotton nonwoven, SAP、brethable backsheet245mm8pc/box,30box/ctn

In addition to the above sanitary pads in wholesale, ODM/OEM production of other customized female pads types is also available in Purcotton, a professional sanitary pads company.

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Is Sanitary Pads Business Profitable?

Yes, there is actually a huge market for sanitary napkins. Since feminine pads are one of the essential needs of women, the market demand for wholesale sanitary pads is very stable and still growing. The development of the sanitary napkin wholesale industry is highly optimistic, and new enterprises continue to join the industry. However, in order to achieve greatness in this industry, it is important to note the following two points.

As the maxi pads are closely related to women's physical health, the safety of the sanitary towels is then naturally of great significance. Moreover, since most of the menstruation pads for sale on the current sanitary napkin wholesale market will not be degraded for a long time, which can cause a great burden to our living environment, providing eco-friendly period products is an inevitable trend of the future.

Why Choose Winner Medical as Your Wholesale Sanitary Napkin Pads Manufacturer?

Winner Medical is a cotton-centered manufacturer and has developed a variety of natural and eco-friendly wholesale sanitary pads. We insist on the research and development of raw materials, packaging, process, performance, function, and other aspects of our bulk buy sanitary towels, so that the selling points, advantages, and differentiation of sanitary napkin products can be better reflected, and the products can be better used, demonstrate, look good, promote, and sell by our clients.

Winner Medical's main sanitary napkin pads series include cotton top sheet sanitary pads; cotton core sanitary pads; cotton gauze top sheet sanitary pads, etc.

All of our bulk buy sanitary towels are produced under medical purification workshops with a strict quality management system. Facing the needs of customers in different markets, our R&D team can provide professional solutions, and the sales team can provide rapid response to provide guarantees and support for customers' new product plans. Committed to gaining a higher market share in the market where our customers are located, this is why our team has been able to cooperate with the top 3 brands in the personal care industry and eco hygiene products for over 30 years.

How To Choose The Right Wholesale Sanitary Pad?

From the perspective of product safety, it is necessary to choose wholesale sanitary napkins that do not contain transferable fluorescent agents and can meet microbial requirements. And from the environmental protection point of view, choosing eco sanitary pads that are made of natural materials, such as the spunlace cotton, can reduce the burden on the environment.

Sanitary Pads Uses

Sanitary napkin is a sanitary product used by women during their menstrual period. Winner Medical's wholesale sanitary pads consist of three layers: covering layer, absorbing core, and bottom layer. When using our eco sanitary pads, one should first tear off the paper tape in the middle, glue the adhesive side to the middle of the underwear, and then stick the two "ears" at the narrowest part of the crotch.  When choosing the wholesale sanitary pads and the corresponding sanitary pads supplier, attention should be paid to the material composition, health standards, and the actual using environments.

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