Winner Medical Co., Ltd
Winner Medical Co., Ltd

Hands & Mouth Wipes

  • Made with 100% cotton

comfortable for skin, strong toughness, and not easy to drop fibers

  • pure ingredients that contain 99 percent EDl pure water with 7 times filtration

and no alcohol, fragrance preservatives and fluorescent agents

  • Mild weak acidity formulation

doesn't stimulate the skin

  • Xylitol extract added for babies.

Hands & Mouth Wipes
Hands & Mouth Wipes


100% cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric, 99% EDI pure water.


  • Babys hands &mouth cleaning

  • Babys eyes &face cleaning

  • Nipples and toys cleaning


Generally no qualification requirements.


Product Size15cmx20cm15cmx20cm
Packing20 pcs/bag80 pcs/bag

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