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Kitchen Cleaning Wipes

Kitchen cleaning is a necessary part of daily cleaning. Our pure cotton kitchen wet grease cleaning wipes have the characteristics of high strength, high water absorption and durability, which are very suitable for kitchen cleaning. Customization over the patterns printed on the reusable kitchen cleaning wipes and additional functions is also available for this series. Feel free to contact us now for the kitchen wipes price!

Kitchen Cleaning Wipes Specifications

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackageCTN size cm
Kitchen Cleaning
flexible and durable, no lints, suitable for cleaningcotton spunlace nonwoven fabric20x26cm60pcs/bag,12bags/ctn47x28.5x17

Do Wet Wipes Remove Grease?

It surely can. By just wiping off, the wet wipes can help loosen or remove stubborn grease before you hand wash pans or put them into the dishwasher. This wipe is made of 100% cotton and has superior durability and cleaning performance. In addition, you can clean without getting your hands dirty.

What are Kitchen Wipes Used for?

As you can tell from the name, kitchen wipes are mainly used for kitchen-related work. But in addition to the familiar cleaning functions, kitchen wipes have many other functions that you may not expect. 

1. Cleaning glass and ceramic products

Fingerprints or water stains can easily be left on the glass. Winner PurCotton's kitchen wipes are made from 100% cotton, which is naturally hydrophilic, so it's the best choice for water-stained cleaning on glass and ceramics.

2. Less fat

Schnitzel, hash browns, mincemeat, and French fries are all "greasy" foods made with oil. Even if you like to eat them, try to cut down on fat and eat them healthily. Kitchen wipes proved to be a great helper. This fried food can be placed on kitchen wipes, which will deal with the excess fat.

3. Protect Pans and Plates

Some pan surfaces are very sensitive to scratches, especially those that are coated so a wooden spoon must be used. If you're used to storing them in stacks after cleaning, put a paper towel between them. You don't break their functionality and extend their life. The same goes for the storage of china, ceramics and glass, which you can only take out on special occasions.

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