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Cosmetic Cotton Pads Wholesale

Winner Medical's makeup cotton pads for face are made of 100% natural high-quality cotton. Using the materials at edible grade, the cotton cosmetic cleansing pads we made can greatly meet the eco-label LABEL standard. As a professional makeup remover pads manufacturer, Winner Medical conducts strict quality selection over our cosmetic cotton pads and can provide you with cleaner and healthier cotton remover pads from the source. Feel free to contact us for more info about our wholesale cotton pads price!

Cosmetic Cotton Pads Wholesale Specifications

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackage
Round Cotton Pads
no lints, round design, designed for eyes and lipscotton nonwovenø5.5cm, ø6cm100 pcs/bag
Square Cotton Pad (with border)
cotton spunlaced nonwoven patent, no lints, don't waste toner130g cotton nonwoven5x6cm,140pcs/box,60boxes/ctn
Square Cotton Pad
50g cotton nonwoven5x6cm,520pcs/box,60boxes/ctn
Square Cotton Pad
50g cotton nonwoven6x7cm360pcs/box,45boxes/ctn
Unbleached Square Cotton Pad
110g unbleached cotton nonwoven5.5x6.5cm170pcs/bag 80bags/ctn

As a professional cotton pads manufacturer in China, Winner Medical also provides ODM/OEM Skin services for cotton pads wholesale with different specifications. Feel free to send us your requests! Our cotton pads price is very competitive among others.

Why Choose Makeup Remover Pads Wholesale at PurCotton?

  • Wide Range of Selection: Providing professional OEM services towards our cotton cosmetic pads, Winner Medical can offer you high-quality cosmetic cotton pads with different specifications. Our production line includes square cotton pads for face, round cotton pads, unbleached cotton pads, and so on.

  • Stable Performance: Using natural cotton as raw material, the cotton nonwoven fabric we use to manufacture our cosmetic cotton pads is relatively strong and tear-resistant. Moreover, it also has great absorption properties that are perfect for absorbing toners and other skincare products.

  • Environmental-friendly: As our makeup remover pads wholesale are made of pure cotton, they are eco-friendly cotton pads that are naturally biodegradable and compostable.

What Are Facial Cotton Pads Used For?

  • Use the cotton cosmetic pads with lotions to moisturize the skin;

  • Use the cotton cleaning pads with makeup remover to remove makeup;

  • Remove nail polish, etc.

How To Make Cotton Pads For Face?

  • Carry out the cotton dust removal treatment;

  • Send the dedusted cotton into the carding machine for combing, and then enter the net laying machine to be laid into a cotton thin layer and a cotton core layer;

  • After the cotton thin layer is subjected to water spray treatment, the cotton thin layer is subjected to pressurized water treatment using a special water pressure device; 

  • The cotton thin layer and the cotton core layer after the pressurized water treatment are subjected to high-temperature surface treatment;

  • The cotton thin layer is subjected to high-temperature surface treatment; The cotton thin layer is covered on both sides of the cotton core layer, and various patterns are made by a special embossing device to form a semi-finished cotton pad;

  • The semi-finished makeup cotton pads are cut into different sizes by a cutting device.

Are Cosmetic Cotton Pads Good For Skin?

The answer to this question is a big "YES"!! As a mature cotton pads company in China, Winner Medical Company produces high-quality eco-friendly cosmetic cotton pads that are made of 100% cotton. During the manufacturing process, we will only choose natural high-quality cotton, which is soft, delicate, and not easy to drop flocs. As our skin care cotton pads do not contain any fluorescent whitening agent, they are even safe for sensitive skin.

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