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Cosmetic Cotton Buds Wholesale

As a professional cotton buds/earbuds manufacturer/factory in CHina with over 30 years of production experience, Winner Medical possesses a purified workshop to ensure the high quality and hygiene of our cosmetic cotton buds. Not only can we meet the customization demands in accordance with the needs of different markets, but we can also manufacturer cosmetic tipped cotton buds with a stable production capacity. 

Cosmetic Cotton Buds Wholesale Specifications

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackage

Baby hygiene cotton buds
These cotton buds for sale can be used for daily care, skin cleaning, etc; Ladies' makeup or remove makeup (eyes, lips, eyebrows, and other delicate parts), for baby clean the umbilical cord or ear oozing fluid.paper stick & double-end8cmxΦ10mm64pcs/box,120boxes/ctn
Cotton buds
black paper stick & double-end7.5x1.5x0.5100pcs/bucket,12 buckets/bag,20 bags/ctn
WPC-CB-03 Eco Cotton budsblack and white paper stick & double-end7.5x1.5x0.5300 pcs/box, 6boxes/bag,12bags/ctn
Cotton buds
white paper stick & double-end7.5x1.2x0.5100pcs/bucket,10 buckets/bag, 20bags/ctn
Medical Cotton buds
These cotton buds wholesale can be used for body skin hemostasis, wound, mucous membrane cleaning and auxiliary disinfection, etcbamboo stick & single-end10x2.5x0.650pcs/bag, 20bags/box,24boxes/ctn
Medical Cotton buds
bamboo stick & single-end & EO sterilizing package10x2.5x0.65pcs/bag,20bags/box,90boxes/ctn
Medical Cotton buds
paper stick & one-end round head & one-end sharp7.5x1.2x0.5100pcs/bucket,10buckets/bag,20bags/ctn
Medical Cotton buds
paper stick & single-end10x2.5x0.650pcs/bag,20bags/box,

As a professional OEM skin care products manufacturer, Winner PurCotton also provide OEM/ODM services for spunlace cotton makeup cotton buds with different specifications.

PurCotton Cleaning Cotton Swabs for Babies

Cotton Buds Business with Cotton Earbuds Manufacturer PurCotton

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues, the need for high-quality cotton bud sticks also rises rapidly. For most of the people nowadays, swab buds are no longer simple cosmetic consumables but also essential items for the healthcare of all age categories. Thus, it is now a good time to join the cotton buds business.

Normally, if you want to start a business by yourself, you have to obtain a related manufacturing license, such as MSME/SSI Registration, EPF Registration, and ESI Registrations, and purchase the raw material and machines for producing swab buds. It is definitely a big investment, let alone the manpower required to set up the cotton buds buisness. Hence, if you do not have much budget, it is better to find someone who can provide OEM services for your swab buds. As a professional cotton buds manufacturer in China, Winner PurCotton can provide you with high-quality cotton buds wholesale at great prices. We possess a complete production line for producing medical-grade cotton bud sticks. From the spindle to the cotton, our swab buds are both hygienic and biodegradable. Feel free to contact PurCotton for your cotton buds and get cotton buds price now!

Cotton Buds Uses

  • Cosmetic cotton buds can be used for cleaning small corners, ear, nose, eyes, and teeth, and other local cleaning care.

  • The cosmetic cotton swabs can also be used for cleaning care such as female makeup removal.

  • Medical cotton buds can be used for compression hemostasis, dipping liquid, ointment, wound medicine, gynecological care, etc

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