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WPC-CB-03 Eco Friendly Cotton Buds

Using 100% organic cotton, our WPC-CB-03 eco-friendly zero waste cotton buds are totally plastic-free and harmless to our nature. As a large cotton buds company, we have the responsibility and obligation to protect our environment and provide environmentally friendly and sustainable cotton buds to our consumers.

WPC-CB-03 Eco Friendly Cotton Buds Specifications

Ref no.UsageMain MaterialSizePackage
cotton swabs wholesale
beauty make up, daily cleaningblack and white paper stick & double-end7.5x1.5x0.5box, pe bag, customization

Providing quality cosmetic fabric with 100% cotton, PurCotton also provides customization services for this series.

Why Choose WPC-CB-03 Environmentally-Friendly Cotton Buds?

Sustainability: Compared to the cotton swabs made with plastic sticks, PurCotton's WPC-CB-03 eco-cotton swabs series are 100% biodegradable. Due to the small size of swab buds, many people will just flush the buds down the toilet and this act can cause consistent marine environmental pollution. Using eco-friendly cotton buds can help to change the situation and make a greener world.

Convenience: With the double-ended design, our WPC-CB-03 sustainable cotton buds can help the users to make daily cleaning effective. 

More Visualized Cleaning: The black design of these eco-cotton swabs makes it easier to visualize the earwax when cleaning ears, which can greatly increase customers' satisfaction.

Eco-Friendly Cotton Swabs Review

Customer from USA: 

Our company's products are mainly aimed at the local market in the United States. In 2020, the plastic restriction order in New York officially came into effect. The sales of plastic-free cotton swabs we purchased from Winner began to explode. The distributors are very satisfied, and the review of consumers is also very good.

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