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WPC-CB-06 Medical Cotton Buds

Medical Cotton buds are normally used for compression to stop bleeding dip in liquid and apply ointment. To further increase the absorbency rate, our WPC-CB-06 medical cotton swabs are manufactured with high-quality pure cotton, which can quickly lock away wetness. As a professional cotton buds manufacturer, Winner Medical is always glad to provide the best cotton swab medical use solution.

WPC-CB-06 Medical Cotton Buds Specifications

Ref no.UsageMain MaterialSizePackage
Medical cotton swabs wholesale
body skin hemostasis, wound, mucous membrane cleaning and auxiliary disinfection, etcbamboo stick & single-end & EO sterilizing package10x2.5x0.6box, pe bag, customization

Cotton Swab Medical Use

You can normally find the existence of medical cotton swabs in the medical health units and household first-aid kits. They can be used to disinfect patients' skin, treat wounds, or apply lotion.

How to Choose Medical Cotton Swabs?

Medical cotton swabs are generally in direct contact with patients' wounds, so they have high requirements for sterilization. When selecting the raw materials for making medical-grade cotton buds, the raw materials must meet the requirements of industrial hygiene standards. In addition, medical cotton swabs also have higher requirements for rods in comparison with regular swab buds. Whether plastic rods, paper rods, or wood rods are used, they have to have the ability to withstand a certain external force without permanent deformation or fracture.

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