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Alcohol Pads/Alcohol Wipes

●2 min kill 99.99% of Bacteria* and fungi*

(*Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans).

●Special concentration of 70%-75% ethanol sterilizes skin and objects easily.

After wiping, the alcohol evaporates fast and there is no residue.

●Edible grade alcohol could wipe and sterilize tableware directly.

●There is basically no corrosivity for metal.

●Multiple specifications and packages for different scenarios'needs.

Alcohol Pads/Alcohol Wipes
Alcohol Pads/Alcohol Wipes

Active Ingredient

Ethanol: 75%(v/v).

Inactive Ingredient

Purified water, Non-woven fabric.


The wet wipe can be used to clean and disinfect skin. (For NDC listed products)

Used for disinfecting the hands,surfaces,materials. (For BPR listed products)


●NDC Certification (US)

●BPR Certification (UK/Germany)


Product Size3cmx6cm3cmx6cm3cmx6cm6cmx6cm6cmx6cm6cmx6cm4cmx4cm
Packing1pc/bag, 50 bags/box1pc/bag, 100 bags/box1pc/bag, 200 bags/box1pc/bag, 50 bags/box1pc/bag, 100 bags/box1pc/bag, 200 bags/box1pc/bag, 50 bags/box
Product Size4cmx4cm4cmx4cm4cmx8cm8cmx12cm10cmx15cm11cmx15cm15cmx20cm
Packing1pc/bag, 100 bags/box1pc/bag, 200 bags/box1pc/bag, 100 bags/box1pc/bag, 100 bags/box1pc/bag, 50 bags/box1pc/bag, 50 bags/box1pc/bag, 50 bags/box

Product Size14cmx18cm18cmx18cm15cmx20cm15cmx20cm15cmx20cm15cmx20cm15cmx20cm
Product Size20cmx20cm20cmx26cm20cmx30cm20cmx30cm


The above specifications can be customized upon request.

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