Facial Mask

Made of high-quality natural fibre, the texture of our facial mask is delicate, soft, skin-friendly and breathable. It has an ergonomic face design and can effectively guide the facial essence into the deep skin.

Product Information/Specifications

  • Product Name

    Compressed Cotton Facial Mask

  • Material

    High quality natural cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric

  • Sheet Size

    190mm* 230mm

  • Pattern

    Plain, mesh, lace and customization patterns

  • Function

    Facial skin care

  • Features

    Lints free, no irritation, no fluorescence, non-allergenic and eco-friendly


    OEM/ODM Service are available

  • Packaging

    Customization package is available, PE bag, Paper box, etc.

  • Premium Option

    GOTS certified 100% organic cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric

Why Facial Mask Is Important: What Is Facial Mask Used For?

The use of facial mask paper is very extensive. With the assistance of facial masks, people can achieve better skincare effects than just simply applying lotions and other skincare products on the face. No matter which kind of facial mask people are using, its principle is the same. That is, the facial mask will block the skin and external environment contact in a short time, so as to further make the skin surface temperature rise,  loosen pores, soften sebum, and loosen aging cutin  (to achieve cleaning effect);  Because of the micro heat effect, the process of nutrition ingredients penetrating into the skin will be greatly accelerated when using facial masks.

How To Use Compressed Facial Mask Sheets?

  • First, clean your skin and take out the compressed masks.

  • Place the compressed cotton spunlace mask film in a container.  

  • Fill the container with toner and let the compressed facial mask absorb the moisture, expand, and quickly become a face-sized mask.  

  • Unfold the mask and apply it gently to the face.  Leave it on your face for 10 minutes.

  • Peel the compressed mask off from bottom to top, wash your face and apply a little moisturizer.

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