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Baby Diaper Wholesale

As the top sheet of the baby cloth diapers will be in direct touch with the baby's delicate skin, it is then of great importance to ensure the safety of the material of baby care diapers. Using the cotton nonwoven fabric as the raw material, the top sheet of Winner Medical's baby liners is super soft and safe for the baby. There is no need to worry about chemical stimulations. As a professional mother and baby care company in China, Winner medical wants to provide you with the safest and most comfortable baby diaper solutions.

Baby Diapers Wholesale Sizes

Ref no.Feature
Main Material
Cotton Newbormn Baby Diaper
100% cotton mesh topsheet with dryness treatment, skin-friendly, super breathable and dry.Nonwoven, fluff pulp, Elastic waistline,High absorbent resin,Gauze , PE film

OEM/ODM services towards cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric baby care diapers with different specifications are also available.

What's The Biggest Baby Diaper Size at Winner Medical?


How To Start A Baby Diaper Wholesale Business?

Why Join Baby Diaper Business?

With the rising awareness among parents in terms of baby care products, more and more parents are now looking for safer, softer, and more eco-friendly disposable diapers. There is just a great market potential now regarding the baby diaper business. According to Grand View Research, the global market size of baby care diapers is expected to reach $64.62 billion by 2022. The value of the global baby diaper market in 2019 was $43.38 billion (real terms, 2019 fixed exchange rate), and it is expected to witness modest growth over the next five years, with CAGR of 3.5% to reach an estimated $51.53 billion by 2024.

Determine the Right Retail Type

As the competition among the current baby care diaper retailers is already quite fierce, it is then of great significance for the retailers to think carefully about their retailing type before getting their diapers in bulk wholesale done. Not only should the retailers consider the locations of their diaper businesses, but they should also consider their way of doing baby diaper business - whether to sell cheap diapers in bulk online or just sell them in offline stores. If you do not know which retail type works better for you, feel free to contact Winner PurCotton, a professional diaper manufacturer in China, for help! We have helped lots of customers in starting their own baby diaper businesses. 

Find the Right Diaper Wholesale Suppliers

If you want to start a quality baby diaper business solely by yourself, it is then definitely a daunting task. Not only do you need to come up with the right formula that can meet the industrial standards for manufacturing baby care diapers, but you also have to purchase the corresponding diaper manufacturing machines and the personnel that can run the machines and sell the baby liners for you. Whereas, finding a reliable diaper pants manufacturer can save a lot of work for you. As one of the professional wholesale baby diapers suppliers in China, Winner PurCotton can help you to start your diaper business effectively. All you need to do is to present us with your business proposal and a request for quotation. Just tell us about your ideal diaper bulk purchase quantities, delivery lead times, and payment terms based on the sales you expect to achieve. We will make it happen for you.

How To Make A Baby Diaper?

The Structure of Baby Care Diapers

Top Sheet: made of non-woven fabric, directly in contact with the baby's skin, receiving liquid and transferring to the next layer.

Conductive Layer: made of non-woven fabric, uniformly transfer the liquid received by the surface layer to the absorbent layer.

Water-absorbing Layer: A polymer water-absorbing resin (SAP) is mixed with fluff fibers. It is the most important functional layer in diapers and is used to absorb water and store urine.

Bottom Sheet: made of PE film or PE film + non-woven fabric. The main function of this sheet is to prevent leakage.

How Long Can A Baby Wear A Wet Diaper?

Winner's cotton nonwoven fabric baby care diapers need to be changed every two hours during the day. Every four hours or so at night.

Baby Diaper Packaging Design

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