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Compress Multi Face Towel Wholesale

Many people will get worried about the safety of hotel towels when traveling or on business trips. Compressed cotton facial towels can effectively solve this problem. Made with our patent 100% cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric, the production of our compressed face cloth involves no additives and no chemicals. All material for our compressed towel is 100% cotton fiber, which can effectively enhance product safety and contribute to the sustainability of the environment. Feel free to contact PurCotton, a professional in personal care products OEM, at any time!

Compress Towel Specifications

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackageCTN size cm
Compress Multi-Towel
Flexible and tear resistant, not easy to break; avoid moisture and germs problemscotton non-woven(plain pattern)36*100cm6pcs/bag48x25x22
Compress Multi-Towel
cotton non-woven(vertical pattern)32*666pcs/bag48x30x36
24*2820 pcs/bag48x30x36
32*6612 pcs/bag41x36x35

As a professional compressed towel supplier, Winner PurCotton also provide OEM/ODM services for other spunlace cotton compress towels with different specifications

PurCotton Compressed Facial Towel

What Is Compressed Towel Used For?

When traveling for business, people often get worried about the safety of hotel towels. Disposable compressed cotton towels can perfectly solve this problem. With the small size, it is very convenient to bring compressed cotton towels with you anywhere. Moreover, with the customized size, the compressed towel can be used both as compressed facial towels and bath towels for body cleaning. As a professional compressed face towel manufacturer, Winner Medical Company can provide you with high-quality compressed cotton towels at great prices.

How Are Compressed Towels Made?

  • Completely spread the non-woven fabric on the cotton shaft and spread it flat on the fold stacked boards.

  • Cut the folded non-woven fabric into corresponding sizes.

  • Adjust the pressure of the punching machine.

  • The cut non-woven fabric is then wound into a cylindrical shape and placed in a punching die.

  • Press the start button, the compress towel will then be punched and formed.

As a professional compressed towel supplier, Winner PurCotton ensures the entire production process of our compressed towel wholesale will be completed in a 100,000-level standard purification workshop, without pollution and any additives.

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