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Cotton Tissue

Winner Medical's cotton soft tissue paper for face series is all manufactured with the patented PurCotton spunlace nonwoven technology. Our soft dry wipe has good flexibility and can be used both in wet and dry circumstances. In addition, made from spunlace cotton,  this cotton tissue paper for the face is also eco-friendly.

Cotton Tissue Paper Specifications

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackage
Cotton Baby Tissue
Patented technology can make cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric soft and not easy to break, and protect delicate skin with high quality45g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern, silk treatment13*20cm80pcs/bag,6bags/set,8sets/ctn
Cotton Baby Tissue
35g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern12x20cm100pcs/box, 54boxes/ctn
Cotton Baby Tissue
45g  cotton nonwoven with plain pattern12x20cm100pcs/bag, 6bags/set,12sets/ctn
Cotton Baby Tissue
30g  cotton nonwoven with plain pattern11x20cm100pcs/box
Cotton Tissue
Used for many times, not easy to deform, more suitable for cleaning40g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern20x20cm100pcs/bag, 6bags/set,
Cotton Tissue
50g cotton nonwoven with pearl pattern20x2080pcs/box, 30boxes/ctn
Cotton Tissue
50g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern20x20cm100pcs/box,30boxes/ctn
Cotton Tissue
40g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern11x20cm100pcs/bag,6bags/set,20sets/ctn
Cotton Tissue
45g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern20x20cm100pcs/bas, 6bags/set,6sets/ctn
Cotton Tissue
40g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern7x12cm70pc/bag,120bags/ctn
Amino Acids Bubble Facial Tissue
Used to remove makeup, clean oil, wipe skin, etc. Apply after makeup or daily facial cleansing care.60g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern20x22cm45pcs/box, 64boxes/ctn
Amino Acids Bubble Facial Tissue
60g cotton nonwoven with plain pattern20x20cm16pcs/bag, 108bags/ctn
Amino Acids Bubble Facial Tissue
70g cotton nonwoven with wave pattern20x18cm48pcs/box, 64boxes/ctn

As a professional cotton tissue manufacturer/supplier, Winner PurCotton also provides ODM/OEM Skin services towards other cotton tissue wholesale with different specifications. Feel free to contact us.

PurCotton Cotton Soft Tissue Paper

What Is The Best Fabric For Cotton Tissue Paper?

Cotton fabric is considered the best material for making napkins. As a professional cotton tissue manufacturer/supplier in China, Winner Medical uses 100% cotton to make our cotton paper towels. We refuse to use chemical fiber cotton. All the materials we use are biodegradable, safe, and cause zero pollution to the environment.

Customer Testimonials

  • Softer and larger than the old version. Softer than the normal adult cotton tissue. Perfect for baby.

    Soft Cotton Tissue
  • Very soft tissue for newborns for sure. Pretty useful! We use this rather than wipes to avoid diaper rash.

    Very Soft
  • Awesome quality wipes. Very soft and absorbent. Simple and easy just wet and wipe!! Very gentle and cleansing. Great price and value definitely recommend!

    New York Made
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