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Non Woven Fruit Cover

In recent years, non-woven fruit bagging has become more and more widely used in fruit planting, among which banana bagging in the Philippines and Central America, and grape bagging in China are particularly common. Non-woven fruit bags are usually white or white and blue. The non-woven fabric is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It has good waterproof, breathable, bird-proof, insect-proof, bacteria-proof, light-transmitting, and environmental protection.

The Main Features Of Non Woven Fruit Cover Are

  • Soft and light

  • 100% natural fibre, environmentally friendly and pollution-free

  • Translucent, easy to observe the growth

  • Suitable for organic cultivation

  • Protect the fruit from birds and insects

  • Prevent black spots on fruits

  • Uniform size and colour of fruit

Application of Non Woven Fruit Cover

Fruit growers often find it difficult to protect the fruit from damage. Lost profits are often unavoidable as farmers have to contend with fruit loss due to hail, birds and other factors. In this case, a non-woven fruit cover offers a solution for fruit growers. These nonwovens allow for proper light diffusion which in turn aids in thermal drift so that the temperature of the fruit is fully balanced. The non-woven fruit cover plays a vital role in giving the fruit steady and regular growth and proper colour and ripening.

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