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Non Woven Plant Frost/Freeze Protection Fabric

Freeze Protection Fabric basically creates a microclimate that provides an even aeration environment by promoting early plant or crop growth and development, with the end result is improved quality and yield. It protects plants from cold and frost and minimizes the dangers of hail, heavy rain and storms.

The Main Features Of Non Woven Plant Frost/Freeze Protection Fabric Are

  • Environmental protection

  • Naturally degradable

  • Breathable

  • Easy to operate

Application of Non Woven Plant Frost/Freeze Protection Fabric

Planting off-season vegetables in winter is generally covered with plastic film. Although it can play a good heat preservation effect, the humidity in the greenhouse is high, and there are water droplets on the leaves of the crops, which may easily cause leaf diseases and rotten fruits. In recent years, agricultural non-woven fabrics have been widely used in the agricultural field to replace and make up for the shortage of plastic films. Non-woven plant frost/freeze protection fabric is a new type of covering material with good air permeability, moisture absorption and light transmission. This kind of non-woven fabric can be biodegraded in the soil after use, and will not cause pollution to nature.

This non-woven fabric is biodegradable in the soil after use and will not pollute nature. Agricultural non-woven fabrics have good thermal insulation properties, which can increase the air temperature by 2-3°C and the ground temperature by 1-2°C, and the temperature change is relatively stable. It has good air permeability, moisture absorption, no water drops, and reduces the relative humidity of the air by 5%-10%.

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