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Non Woven Plant/Crop Cover

Non-woven plant/crop cover is a measure to improve planting efficiency by covering the ground with non-woven fabrics. It can effectively prevent weeds from germinating, maintain proper soil moisture, reduce erosion after rain, help protect structures and increase soil temperature. Non-woven plant/crop cover is the perfect solution for controlling weed growth in nurseries, greenhouses, landscape applications and other applications while reducing herbicide use.

The Main Features Of Non Woven Plant/Crop Cover Are

  • Absorbs sunlight, reduces photosynthesis and weed growth

  • Significantly reduces evaporation and reduces water consumption

  • Excellent air permeability

  • 100% natural fibre, safe and environment-friendly

Application of Non Woven Plant/Crop Cover

Businesses in agriculture, horticulture and plantations around the world depend to a large extent on soil quality. However, these businesses face a number of significant challenges from time to time in order to maintain good soil quality. The main purpose of plant cover is to change the soil conditions for root development. To ensure proper root formation and growth, it is crucial to choose a plant cover suitable for the crop type and climatic conditions. To help you with weed control, Winner Nonwovens brings you the perfect natural cotton fibre solution to prevent the unwanted growth of weeds while ensuring soil quality is maintained. After use, it can be naturally degraded directly in the soil, or sent to compost, which greatly reduces collection and disposal costs and processing time.

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