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WPC-SP-01 Cotton Dryness Feminine Pads Series

With the advanced natural dryness treatment, Winner PurCotton's WPC-SP-01 period use pad has a fast absorption rate. It can provide you with the feeling of super-dry. Focusing on balance experiences of cotton soft and dryness feeling, Winner Medical, as one of the most professional feminine pads manufacturers in China, would love to offer you the best cotton spunlace nonwoven feminine pads. 

WPC-SP-01 Cotton Dryness Series Specifications

Ref no.Production Information
Cotton Dryness Series organic sanitary pads wholesale
Topsheetpure cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric with natural dryness treatment
Time usedDay/Night
Special technologyNatural dryness treatment can maintain the good feature of cotton while solving the wetness problem

Advanced Dryness Treatment of WPC-SP-01 Period Use Pad

Having undergone the advanced dryness treatment, our WPC-SP-01 sanitary pads in wholesale have better absorption ability than most of the current feminine pads sold on the current market. Below are the absorption test conducted by Winner PurCotton to demonstrate the powerful absorption ability of our WPC-SP-01 series.


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