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WPC-SP-03 Antibacterial Sanitary Pad Series

With the antibacterial spunlace cotton top sheet, Winner PurCotton's WPC-SP-03 antibacterial sanitary pad series, which are produced in medical purified workshop, can provide perfect solutions for consumers who have strict requirements for bacteriostasis.

WPC-SP-03 Antibacterial Sanitary Pad Series Specifications

Ref no.Production Information

Antibacterial Series

organic sanitary pads wholesale

Topsheetantibacterial cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric
Time usedDay/Night
Special technologySuper dry and security bacteriostatic

Organic Antibacterial Sanitary Pad Features

- Antibacterial Topsheet:

The surface layer of our antibacterial sanitary pad series contains bacteriostatic factors, which can effectively destroy the microbial cell wall and effectively inhibit the three major bacteria of Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli, and the antibacterial rate is higher than 99%. It does not destroy the human flora and maintains the colony balance.

- 100% Pure Cotton Topsheet:

The top layer in direct contact with the human body is made of 100% natural cotton. This kind of nonwoven for hygiene is soft and skin-friendly and protects the skin of sensitive parts.

- High Absorption:

The core material of our organic sanitary pads wholesale is highly absorbent and can keep the surface dry for a long time so that the skin does not feel wet and uncomfortable.

How WPC-SP-03 Antibacterial Sanitary Pad Series Maintain Antibacterial?

Using 100% natural cotton, which is breathable, soft, and comfortable, Winner PurCotton's antibacterial pads can effectively maintain a menstrual acid environment to inhibit further bacterial reproduction. Having a keen interest in the current sanitary napkin wholesale market, Winner PurCotton would love to provide women with perfect sanitary solutions.

Antibacterial Sanitary Pad

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