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WPC-SP-03 Antibacterial Sanitary Pad Series

With the antibacterial spunlace cotton top sheet, Winner PurCotton's WPC-SP-03 antibacterial sanitary pad series, which are produced in medical purified workshop, can provide perfect solutions for consumers who have strict requirements for bacteriostasis.

WPC-SP-03 Antibacterial Sanitary Pad Series Specifications

Ref no.Production Information
Antibacterial Series
Topsheetantibacterial cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric
Time usedDay/Night
Special technologySuper dry and security bacteriostatic

How WPC-SP-03 Antibacterial Sanitary Pad Series Maintain Antibacterial?

Using 100% natural cotton, which is breathable, soft, and comfortable, Winner PurCotton's antibacterial pads can effectively maintain a menstrual acid environment to inhibit further bacterial reproduction. Having a keen interest in the current sanitary napkin wholesale market, Winner PurCotton would love to provide women with perfect sanitary solutions.

Antibacterial Sanitary Pad

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