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Cotton Bath Towel

After soaking the compressed cotton bath towel in water for 3 seconds, it will expand and turn into a compressed face towel, which can be folded multiple times. As our cotton towel wrap is easy to carry with its small size, this mom and baby care product series is a good choice for travel and business trips.

Cotton Bath Towel Specifications

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackage
Disposable Compressed Bath Towel Sheets
Vertical patterns are softer for skin touch. Using cotton spunlace fabrics, can withstand durable use60gsm cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric60x1001pcs/bag, 250bags/ctn

What Material Is Best For Bath Towels?

Natural and biodegradable, cotton is considered one of the most suitable materials for making bath towels. And made of cotton non-woven spunlace material, our eco-cotton towels have many irreplaceable advantages: 

  • Fashionable vertical stripe design

  • 60cm*100cm large size design

  • Independent packaging, clean and hygienic;

  • 100% high-quality cotton, without fluorescent brightening agent;

  • Supernatural water absorption, easily dry the body;

  • Use the same production line as medical products: dust-free workshop/cleaning and disinfection before entering the workshop/staffs wearing whole body protection

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