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Nursing Pads Wholesale

Not only do the wholesale breast nursing pads produced by Winner have a segmented absorption structure, but the cotton breast milk pads also have four surrounding water-locking diversion grooves to ensure the efficiency of water and milk absorption. Utilizing safe materials like safety waterproof backing fabric, waterproof composite membrane, etc, Winner Medical Company is committed to developing suitable milk leakage-saving breast pads for every mother.

Wholesale Nursing Pads Specifications

Ref no.FeatureMain MaterialSizePackage
WPC-BP-01 Soft Breast Nursing PadSegmental-type absorption structure, four-sided U-shaped water-locked diversion tank, fast split milk overflow, soft and absorptive cotton spunlace nonwoven fabricCotton nonwovn, SAP, PE film128x115mm3pcs/pack,36pack/CTN
WPC-BP-02 Nipple Leak Pads for Nursing (Sterilization type)125x120mm

OEM/ODM services towards nursing pads wholesale with different specifications are also available. Feel free to contact us at any time!

What Are Wholesale Nursing Pads Used For?

The breast milk storage pads are essential items for controlling oozing milk during lactation. Made by Winner Medical Company, who is professional in selling nursing pads bulk, Purcotton's milk leakage pads have the following five advantages:

  • Adopting independent packaging that has undergone EO sterilization, the nursing pads wholesale provided by Winner has lower risks of nurturing bacteria;

  • Using high-quality spunlace cotton, our feeding breast pads are comfortable to wear and not easy to drop catkin;

  • The core of our lactation pads is made of SAP polymer with super absorption, which can absorb excessive breast milk and is not easy to leak back;

  • With the 3D enclosure design, our breast milk pads can effectively prevent side leakage day and night;

  • Outer cloth with breathable and leakproof bottom film keeps the nursing pads dry at any time.

Disposable Vs Reusable Nursing Pads

Due to economical concerns, many people are inclined to choose reusable breast milk pads during their lactation. However, reusable nursing pads have many disadvantages. Not only do the reusable lactation pads have poorer spill-proof water imbibition ability due to the repeated uses, but they are also more likely to nurture bacteria.  As breast milk has rich nutrition, the overflow of milk can cause bacteria to get attached to the milk breast pads and simple cleaning will not be able to kill lots of bacteria, which, in turn, is easy to cause further breast infection. Thus, compared to reusable nursing pads, disposable nursing bra pads are much safer. And using soft cotton material, the soft cotton breast pads are super absorbent, leakproof, and can effectively reduce bacteria and odor.  

How to Use Nipple Pads?

Open the package and take out the overflow pad. Tear off the release paper and attach the sticky side of the breast milk pads to the inside of one's bra.

How Often Should You Change Breast Pads?

As a professional mother and baby care company, Winner Purcotton's baby nursing pads wholesale is made of 100% selected high-quality cotton without adding any fluorescent agent. In order to better care for the health of the breast during lactation, please replace the pad timely to keep the breast clean and dry. It is recommended to replace the breast milk pads every 2 hours.

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