Disposable Underwear

Manufactured under the patent process, the disposable sanitary pad panties are softer, smoother and healthier, comparing to other adult disposable underwears on the market. They won't create a rough feeling or injure the skin. Due to their high quality, Winner Medical's disposable underpants/undergarments are suitable for business trips, travels or woman who is going through physiological period and maternity.

Disposable Underwear Specifications

  • Product Name

    Cotton disposable underwear

  • Product Size

    Boys and Girls size from XS-M, Men and Women size from M-XXL

  • Material
  • Features

    Soft, Breathable, Portable, No irritation, No fluorescence, Non-allergenic


    OEM/ODM Service are available

  • Packaging

    Customization package for the disposable panty pads is available, PE bag, Paper box, etc.

  • Premium Option

    GOTS certified 100% organic cotton fabric

What Are The Best Disposable Underwear For After Birth?

Cotton material has the characteristics of breathable and skin-friendly. Thus, cotton is normally regarded as the best material for making disposable undergarments after birth. As a professional baby care products manufacturer in China, Winner Medical Company provides sterilized disposable underwear wholesale at great prices. Not only have our disposable pad panties undergone effective sterilization before being packaged, but the elastic waistline of this series is also more close-fitting.  

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