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Incontinence Nappies

Winner Medical is committed to developing the 100% cotton surface incontinence care solution. Super soft and dry, our incontinence wipes can bring consumer a comfortable feel.

PurCotton Incontinence Nappies Specifications

Main Material

WPC-IC-01 Adult Incontinence Underwear

360° free fit for confident travel.
Double leak-proof, no fear of side leakage.
Nonwoven, fluff pulp,SAP, Elastic Waistline, PE film

Adult Incontinence Diaper

Elastic slow-release waistband, non-woven backing film.
1500ml strong absorption.
Nonwoven, fluff pulp, SAP, Elastic Waistline, PE film

In addition to the above two incontinence nappies series, Winner PurCotton also provide OEM/ODM services of other incontinence underwear types. 

What Are Incontinence Products?

The protective underwear for adults mainly includes adult diapers and care pads. These adult incontinence underwear are designed to receive and store urine or feces for people with incontinence problems.  As a professional incontinence product supplier, Purcotton employs cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric and advanced dryness treatment to produce our incontinence liners.

How Do Incontinence Pads Work?

The incontinence liners often have an absorption core layer in the middle.  This absorption layer is mainly capable of capturing and rapidly absorbing urine, dispersing urine or diffusing it throughout the core through capillary action, and finally absorbing and storing urine. The common core layer for most types of incontinence nappies on the current market is mainly composed of pure wood pulp (villus pulp) and a high water-absorbent resin (SAP) layered structure.

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