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WPC-IC-01 Adult Incontinence Diaper

With maximum absorbency to quickly lock away wetness, Winner PurCotton's adult incontinence diapers keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. With the double-layer leak-proof side design, our leak-proof diapers for adults can provide up to 100% leak-free protection. As one of the professional OEM adult diaper companies in China, Winner PurCotton has a number of international certifications to provide the most professional adult diapers solutions for both male and female. 

WPC-IC-01 Adult Incontinence Diaper Specifications

AbsorbencySizeSpecial technologyApplicable population

Adult Incontinence cotton disposable underwear

100% cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric with natural dryness treatment
1500MLM/LAdvanced dryness treatment to keep the cotton top sheet dry and softThis leak-proof diapers for adults series is mainly designed for people with moderate to severe incontinence. Slightly different from other Winner incontinence nappy, this series is more suitable for women during menstruation, bedridden for a long time, people with limited

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