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WPC-IC-01 Adult Incontinence Underwear Female

Made with a spunlace non-woven fabric cotton top sheet, our WPC-IC-01 incontinence adult underwear series is safe and soft. With a 360° design, the waistband of our protective underwear for adults can be flexed and stretched to fit different body shapes. With 30 years of medical experience, Winner PurCotton aims to offer high-quality absorbent underwear for adults.

WPC-IC-01 Adult Incontinence Underwear Female Specifications

AbsorbencySizeSpecial technologyApplicable population

WPC-IC-01 Adult
Incontinencedisposable womens underwear

100% cotton industrial spunlace nonwoven
1000MLM/L/XLAdvanced dryness treatment to keep cotton top sheet be dryness and softMainly for people with moderate incontinence. This absorbent underwear for adults series is suitable for people with mobility.

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