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About the Use of Makeup Cotton

1. Is it necessary to use makeup cotton pads while using make-up water?

The matching varies with each individual. The answer is concerned with people's experience and has a certain relationship with the make-up water itself. Besides that, the key is the quality of the makeup cotton you choose. Some people think that makeup cotton seems to be a waste of water because water is all absorbed by cotton makeup remover pads. In fact, good-quality makeup cotton can basically release the absorbed make-up water. If you apply it by hand, the make-up water will actually be absorbed by the skin of your hands, and it will easily flow to other parts.

Lots of make-up water have a secondary cleansing effect. For this kind of make-up water, it is necessary to combine it with makeup cotton to remove the old dead skin cells and some dirt on the skin. This is impossible to achieve by hand. For example, when using the IPSA make-up water, you first apply it by hand, but later you use the makeup cotton, and the difference can still be clearly seen.

2. Will makeup cotton harm the skin when it is used to remove makeup?

Some people think that using makeup cotton to remove makeup will damage the stratum corneum because the friction between the makeup cotton and the skin is uncomfortable. In fact, this needs to be considered in combination with skin quality. If you have dry skin or sensitive skin, then using makeup cotton to remove makeup will definitely cause some discomfort. At this time, it is recommended to use a cleansing cream or cleansing emulsion for removing makeup and avoid using makeup cotton and make-up water. For neutral or oily skin, cotton makeup pads can be used to remove makeup more thoroughly.

But what we need to pay attention to is that when using makeup cotton pads to remove makeup, you must control your strength and not rub it vigorously, which will accelerate the relaxation of the skin. Instead, use the methods of gentle pressure and hydropathic compress to dissolve the makeup, but not wipe it off.

3. What are the types of makeup cotton?

Whether it is pure cotton or fiber, thick or thin, edge locked or printed, makeup cotton used to care for the skin must use absorbent cotton and fiber cotton with the highest safety level as the major raw materials. However, the highest grade cotton cosmetic still uses some animal fibers.

(1) Popular type: pure degreased cotton

The cotton is made after chemical treatment and degreasing. It absorbs liquid more easily than ordinary cotton. It is the thickest of all types of cotton. Some of them are embossed to keep the texture tight and not loose.

(2) The most skin-friendly type: pure fiber cotton

It is made of plant fiber or paper fiber through special treatment. It feels smoother and thinner than pure degreased cotton, and it fits better with the skin.

(3) Two-in-one type: fiber cotton + degreased cotton

The two are not chemically mixed but just pressed together to synthesize each other's advantages. Usually, there is embossing on one or both sides, which can be easily peeled off into a thinner layer and reused.

(4) Mini mask type: non-woven fabric type

It is just like the mini version of the one-piece nonwoven mask we usually use, which is soft and has minimal damage to the skin.

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