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Benefits of Cotton for Medical Use

Cotton for medical use is the main sanitary material used in the medical industry for patient wound dressing, protection, cleaning and other purposes, and is also a medical device product in direct contact with the wound. It is made from raw cotton by removing inclusions, degreasing, bleaching, washing, drying, finishing and processing, mainly used to make medical swabs, cotton balls and sanitary cotton swabs and other raw materials. Compared with the ordinary cotton, the cotton for medical use is added with non-absorbent lipids on the surface of cotton to enhance the absorption of liquid medicine and body fluids.

1. The standard requirements of cotton for medical use

(1) Property

By visual observation, the appearance of cotton for medical use should be white or off-white, composed of fibers with an average length of not less than 10mm, with no leaves, peel, seed coat residue or other impurities. There is a certain resistance when stretching. Gently shaking, there should be no dust off.

(2) Identification

Should meet the results of the standard test specified later.

(3) Foreign fibers

When examined under the microscope, it should contain only typical cotton fibers, allowing the occasional presence of a small amount of isolated foreign fibers.

(4) Cotton knot

About 1g of cotton for medical use is evenly laid in 2 colorless transparent flat plate, each flat plate area of 10cm × 10cm. By transmitted light, check the cotton knot and compare with the British Pharmacopoeia of cotton knot standards, and the number of cotton knots in the sample should not be more than the standard.

(5) Soluble matter in water

According to the standard test, the total amount of soluble matter in water should be no more than 0.5%.

(6) Fluorescent matter

According to the standard test, cotton for medical use should only have microscopic brown-purple fluorescence and a few yellow particles. In addition to a few isolated fibers, it should not show strong blue fluorescence.

2. The advantages of cotton for medical use

(1) 100% medical-grade natural cotton

Medical-grade natural cotton, pollution-free, completely free of any substances harmful to the baby's body. Even for the sensitive skin of the baby, it can also be used with confidence. Because the baby's skin is very delicate, you should choose for your baby soft, comfortable, breathable cotton products.

(2) Ultimate softness

The 40 count superfine yarn is washed to remove the pulp on the yarn, and the cotton yarn is completely fluffed up. The first touch will make you feel as soft as clouds and as soft as water for the ultimate experience.

(3) High temperature washing

After high temperature and high pressure washing process, the gauze bath towel can be used directly, which is not easy to breed bacteria, and is more fluffy, more soft, with 50% more water absorption.

(4) Care for the whole family

Soft and comfortable feeling for the baby, and mothers can enjoy the natural skin-friendly feeling, so the whole family can use it to wipe the hair and body after bathing.

(5) Excellent water absorption and moisture wicking

After processed by high temperature and pressure, gauze formed a "bulge", so that each layer of gauze leaves a certain space, like a fluffy sponge. The water absorption is more outstanding than unwashed gauze bath towel. It can absorb water faster, can quickly dry the body's moisture, exclude moisture, drying up faster.

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