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Biodegradable Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins Are Worth Buying

The development of industrial civilization, the refined division of labor and the large-scale production have rapidly enriched human commodities. Among them, women's menstrual products have also developed from personal self-made products to refined products. Whenever we talk about one of the top ten inventions affecting human beings in the 20th century, it must be sanitary napkins. In the early society, the wholesale sanitary pads used by women in various countries were relatively simple and crude, but today's organic cotton sanitary napkins are made of different materials, and the shapes are also different. In the past, in terms of women's physiological hygiene, when the family conditions were relatively terrible, the sanitary belts, cloth strips, etc. used by women were cleaned and reused, and even a sanitary belt was used for life. Now, thanks to scientific development, it keeps improving and innovating in the production of feminine care products, creating more convenient, multi-functional and comfortable products.

Until the advent of menstrual products in the 1880s, the appearance was closer to the shape of modern hygiene wipes, including breakthroughs in material and structure, providing modern women with a more convenient and healthy way to deal with menstrual discomfort, allowing women still to be elegant and agile in menstrual period.

1. Organic cotton sanitary napkins are environmentally friendly and pollution-free

As mentioned above, the problems of environmental pollution and waste of resources caused by the early industrial civilization made some people show dissatisfaction. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, which is the disadvantage of human society moving towards industrialization. Organic cotton sanitary napkin produced by sanitary pads manufacturers use natural cotton as the main material, and the waste after use can be degraded in a short period of time in the natural environment, and will not cause pollution to our homeland.

In the largest cotton production area, the reserve land to be reclaimed is rich in resources and has great development potential. It has unique soil, light and heat, climate and environmental conditions. Its soil, atmosphere and water are not polluted, and it has good environmental conditions for organic cotton production.

2. Organic cotton degradable sanitary napkin

It is composed of degradable film, degradable bottom film, release paper, soft paper and other layers, and each layer determines the quality of the product; organic cotton sanitary pads have a good touch, 100% natural organic cotton, no chemical substances, with allergy prevention, covering the entire surface of the sanitary napkin. In addition, we have developed a degradable material that is harmless to the human body for the bottom film and film of the sanitary pad, which is biodegradable within 216 hours.

The degradable bottom film adopts advanced technology to remove residual heat and moisture, and maintains comfort for up to several hours. The whole process of manual picking protects the integrity of organic cotton. Natural processing costs more labor and material resources, and adopts more pure craftsmanship. In fact, if you look closely, many products in life are going through the cycle of "from nature, to synthesis, and then back to nature", taking from nature and giving back to nature. Behind every product we use, it is actually worthy of our respect and admiration.

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