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CCTV Science and Education Channel Visit Purcotton, Take You into the World of Cotton

"The new towel is soft, but it will become hard after a period of time, and it is easy to breed bacteria in a humid environment. The paper towel is easy to access, but it is easy to break when exposed to water, easy to fall off, and the experience is poor. The production process is not environmentally friendly. So is there a product that can be soft, healthy and environmentally friendly at the same time?"

With the continuous improvement of the economic level, people have put forward higher requirements for the comfort, safety, and environmental protection of daily cleaning products. Thus, the cotton soft tissue came into being. In recent years, as a brand-new category, pure cotton tissues have gradually entered people's lives and become an indispensable daily necessities for many people. Recently, the "Fashion Science and Technology Show" broadcast by CCTV Science and Education Channel has led everyone into the world of cotton, and further introduced cotton tissues to the public, allowing more people to discover its mystery. At the same time, as the pioneer and leader of this type of product, Purcotton has also received extensive attention.


1. The Cotton Tissue only contains natural cotton without any other additives

How exactly are cotton tissues produced? We found the answer in Purcotton's production line.


Remove cotton impurities, comb the cotton and spread it into a net. The use of high-pressure "water needle" to physically entangle the cotton fibers to shape the shape, and rolls of uncut cotton tissues have already taken shape. After the subsequent drying, cutting, packaging and other processes, a box of pure cotton tissues can be delivered to consumers.

In the entire production process, the core process is to use high-pressure "water needle" to shape the cotton web, which is a pure cotton spunlace non-woven process independently developed by Purcotton. This process keeps the fiber length and toughness of natural cotton to the utmost extent, so that each piece of pure cotton tissue maintains natural and pure softness, and the use experience is better.

As a cotton lifestyle brand under Winner Medical, Purcotton has always maintained a strict pursuit of product standards, and high quality has become a brand label. With a high-cleanliness production line, the products have passed the EU food-grade standard testing, and Purcotton cotton tissues provide users with more peace of mind.

From 2009, Purcotton produced the first pure cotton tissue. Today, our cotton tissue sales have been ranked first on Tmall and Taobao platforms for 11 consecutive years. What are the characteristics of Purcotton's cotton tissues, which have been loved by the market?


Dr. Yin Lanjun, majoring in fiber and polymer science, has studied cotton fiber, which is the raw material for pure cotton tissues, for many years, and explained the advantages of pure cotton tissues in detail in this program.

"The porous hollow structure makes the cotton fiber have a good wicking effect. At the same time, the cotton itself is a cellulose fiber, and there are many hydrophilic groups on its macromolecular chain. The hydrophilic groups make it very good. Hygroscopicity.” Dr. Yin Lanjun said that cotton fiber has good water absorption and air permeability, and is not easy to generate static electricity, which can give people a comfortable feeling.

Not only that, cotton fiber is an environmentally friendly material. Pursuing the earliest historical records about cotton, it has a history of more than 7,000 years. As a crop with a long history, cotton fiber can be degraded naturally in just a few months compared with chemical fiber which is difficult to degrade in a short time. Moreover, cotton can be planted and produced every year, which is sustainable and fits well with the concept of sustainable development advocated by society today.

2. Purcotton's cotton tissue adheres to the original intention of "Cotton changes the world" and beautiful things have their own power

The hot sales of cotton tissues have allowed more people to see the huge market potential contained in this type of product. In the past two years, various brands of cotton tissues with "quality of cotton" and "feel of cotton" as their selling points have continued to appear. However, the cost of using 100% cotton is too high, and many brands choose lower-cost raw materials and quickly have the price advantage of their products.



Facing the pressure of market competition, Purcotton still adheres to its own standards. All cotton tissues have always insisted on using 100% high-quality cotton to ensure that the products produced are softer, skin-friendly, safe and environmentally friendly.


"Quality prior to profit, brand prior to speed, social value prior to corporate value" has always been the operating principle of the spunlace cotton brand.

Purcotton hopes to continue to provide users with a comfortable, secure, and happy life through natural materials and safe processes, and to take up social responsibilities and contribute to the protection of a beautiful home on the earth.

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