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Choose Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads This Summer!

Women need to be kind to themselves. Especially in terms of the selection of sanitary towels. From the age of 13 to the age of 50, the menstrual period of a woman's life adds up to about six years. That is to say, every minute of these six years, women must use sanitary products. Now that technology is advanced, disposable sanitary towels can be used, which are very convenient. Let's take a look at the sanitary towels that are used every day. What materials are they made of?

1. Materials used in the production of sanitary towels

Whether it is dry, cotton, or cotton soft wholesale sanitary pads, they are roughly divided into four layers.

(1) Surface layer: a layer in close contact with the human body. Dry sanitary pad is made of PE or PET material, while cotton soft sanitary pad is made of PP material, and cotton one is made of cotton biodegradable non woven fabric.

(2) The middle absorbent layer: made of cotton, pulp or wood pulp, etc., mixed with polymer absorbent materials.

(3) The bottom layer: made of impermeable plastic-type material, divided into breathable and impermeable types.

(4) Glue: the back glue on the 2 wings for fixation. Hot melt glue is used. The raw material of hot melt glue is petroleum resin, which needs to be bleached to be colorless and transparent.

Natural organic cotton woven fabrics are natural and non-bleached, soft, breathable, sweat-absorbent and easy to clean, with no fluorescent agents and other chemical agents, which is a very cost-effective product.

2. The waterproof layer of organic cotton sanitary pad adopts the bionic membrane design

Similar to egg membrane, it allows gas molecules to pass through, but liquid molecules cannot pass through, so the permeability is great. It is an environmentally friendly material, and there will be no pungent smell. Because it is small and thin enough, there will be no foreign body feeling when using it. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and disposable plastic sanitary pads is stuffy and damp. Organic cotton eco sanitary pads are really good. This summer, if you choose organic cotton sanitary towels, it will keep you away from the sweltering heat, bring you health and pleasure, and contribute to environmental protection.

Sanitary towels are sanitary products used by women during their periods. Winner PurCotton's wholesale sanitary towels consist of three layers: the cover layer, the absorbent core and the bottom layer. When using our eco sanitary pads, first peel off the paper tape in the middle and stick the sticky side to the middle of the underwear, then stick the two "ears" to the narrowest part of the crotch. When choosing wholesale sanitary towels and the corresponding sanitary pads wholesale suppliers, pay attention to the material composition, hygiene standards and the actual use environment. Focusing on innovation and development of women's health and feminine care products, as a well-established sanitary pad manufacturer, Winner PurCotton can provide a wide range of feminine napkin solutions to meet the different perceptions of different consumers. We welcome your online inquiries and get sanitary pads wholesale price!