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Compressed Towel Market Trends

Compressed towel is a new product, which reduces its volume by 80% to 90%. It expands in water and remains intact when used, which not only greatly facilitates transportation, carrying and storage, but also makes the towel a gift, sanitation and disease prevention features. It is popular for traveling and business usage. And in high-end hotels, sauna massages, public baths, hospitals and other places, compressed towels can clear people's concerns about hygiene.

Compressed cotton towel can be designed into various shapes and patterns, which are unconventional and will inevitably arouse people's curiosity and thus arouse people's desire to buy. At the same time, the compressed towel is sterilized by ultraviolet rays, and the shell adopts advanced packaging technology so that the product does not directly contact the air, thus effectively avoiding product pollution, and people can buy and use it with confidence. Nowadays, people's requirements for commodities are getting higher and higher, and they are gradually changing from a single-use function to a multi-functional and high-grade direction. The advent of compressed towels just caters to this development trend, and its market potential is huge.

What Is Compressed Towel Used For

Business travel: Every company has a budget for travel expenses. The quality of hotels varies, and there may be incomplete disinfection and unsanitary conditions. From the perspective of hygiene and cleanliness, it is very convenient to bring some compressed towels before business trips.

Traveling: Compressed towels are light in weight and small in size, which is practical and lightens the burden. For the hygiene of hotel towels, we can also prepare some compressed face towel, which are one of the must-have items for tourists.

Home use: Family members and friends usually visit each other, prepare some compressed towels at home, and take out one when needed, which is convenient and practical, and can be used repeatedly.

How To Use Compressed Towel

The compressed towel has no requirement for water temperature. Tear open the sealed bag and put it in water, it will absorb water and expand. According to the size and cotton content, it will fully expand after 3-6 seconds of water absorption. Manually stretch it out, and the towel is intact and ready to use. 

Features And Advantages Of Compressed Towel

Hygiene: Whether it is traveling, staying in hotels, saunas, massages, public baths, hospitals and other places, people are worried about the hygiene situation. Towels are generally dirty. Compressed towels can clear people's concerns about towel hygiene.

Portability: The compressed towel is relatively small, it does not take up space in the bag, and it can be thrown away when traveling, traveling, or when it is used up.

Practicality: The cotton compressed towel is made of natural pure cotton non-woven fabric, which is natural and soft. It does not have the rough feeling of ordinary compressed towels, and there is no lint or fluffing. People with sensitive skin will feel very good.

Compressed Towel Price

Compressed Towel Wholesale

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