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Cotton Certified Sanitary Napkins Make You Can't Stop Loving It

With the increasing pursuit of modern women's quality of life, women's demand for sanitary products has become more stringent. As many as 86% of the women surveyed expressed their interest in purchasing cotton-containing sanitary products, and highly recognized the quality attributes of cotton products. They believed that cotton sanitary napkins were comfortable to use and would not irritate the skin. In addition, it is softer and more absorbent.

Our wholesale sanitary pads are made of imported cotton, which is skin-friendly, comfortable, and prevents allergies. It adopts ion-combing technology and intensive non-porous penetration technology to reduce friction and irritation to the skin, and the water absorption is more than 6 times that of ordinary sanitary napkins. These greatly improve the discomfort and embarrassment of menstruation, and make users feel more comfortable while caring for their sensitive muscles, so that they are no longer troubled by menstruation.

As a necessity for women, the quality of sanitary napkins is related to personal health. During menstrual maintenance, we should not only pay attention to the cleanliness of private parts but also create a relaxed and beautiful mood. Psychological care is as important as physical care. Especially in summer, in the face of hot and scorching weather, if it coincides with the menstrual period, it is more likely to cause a feeling of depression. Therefore, everyone is particularly prone to suffer from menstrual tension syndrome, emotional instability and easy irritability. Welcome to choose our wholesale women sanitary napkins, the sanitary napkins you can't stop loving, and reduce unnecessary worries.

1. Raw materials of sanitary napkins

Our organic pure cotton series sanitary napkins, the most special is that it is different from other sanitary napkin raw materials. Since we mentioned the organic pure cotton series sanitary napkins, we have to first popularize what organic cotton is. Organic cotton means that only cotton grown on natural soil without chemical fertilizers for more than three consecutive years can be called organic cotton. The surface mesh of the organic pure cotton series sanitary napkin is made of this organic cotton, which can ensure health from the beginning of the soil.

2. Absorbent materials of sanitary napkins

At present, most of the absorbers of sanitary napkins are made of chemical polymer materials, which will become bulging after absorbing water, which is neither beautiful nor comfortable. But our organic pure cotton sanitary pad is designed with an upgraded version of the air cushion, which does not contain any chemical absorption substances, healthy and non-irritating, and can be quickly absorbed without reverse osmosis.

3. Breathable and leak-proof design of sanitary napkins

As one of the leading sanitary pads manufacturers, Our organic cotton napkins use a soft, porous design. It can achieve unobstructed air circulation, is breathable and not stuffy, and can keep you dry at all times. There is also a 360-degree safety and anti-side leakage design, so that female friends can feel free during menstruation.

After the above summary, we believe that everyone has understood the reason for the high sales of organic cotton sanitary napkins, which brings a new green and healthy experience to the majority of women. Winner Medical firmly guarantees the quality of pure cotton products, and strictly controls every link of production, so that female compatriots can receive real high-quality care. Welcome to contact us for sanitary pads wholesale price

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